Poet’s Corner: Come What May – Susan Moorhead

You are always starting from somewhere:

dot on a map, first thought upon waking ,

first pencil stroke on the paper of a plan,

the before and the after.  Always starting

from an A on the lookout for that B.  It’s

the how of it, the way all things start out,

that tense hovering, stranded on the far side,

peering over to where you want to go,

where you need to go, even if everyone

else says forget about it, even if you think

you’d be crazy to try.  Even choosing to

stay safe is choosing, even that holds

no guarantees.  It’s clear that whichever

way you choose, your path will be

uncertain and full of unknown outcomes,

all paths are.  You might fall, below looks

perilous, but you might fly. The final outcome

is unknowable, cloud-hidden, rain or sun,

anybody’s guess. Might as well fold up

the map, ditch the plan, and turn back.  And yet,

you don’t.  Isn’t it that moment, right there,

that choice, that takes you from who you are

to who you want to be?  Take a deep breath,

and go ahead, tell your fears and doubts that

you’re in this together so you might as well

be friends.  And then?  Take that first step.