Poet’s Corner – It’s National Poetry Month!

Writing a poem isn’t as hard

as you think. Especially if

you don’t pay attention to formal forms

or any form at all, if you are in the

Allen Ginsberg school. 

Talk to your next

door neighbor. Ask them 

What Would You Say About Yourself

if You Were a Poem? 

Write it down.

One of my next door neighbors many

years ago, Ida G., said she didn’t much like

her husband Harry. That became many poems.

I invented reasons for what was wrong with Harry.

He snored. He was anti-romantic. He wore

plaid pajamas. He didn’t read much. He

was entirely predictable. 

Harry became many poems.

To write your poem,

go to CVS, Walgreens, Rite Aide

or any drugstore. Stay there a while,

where people pick up prescriptions. 

Yesterday I heard a man named Alfonso

date of birth 8/12/49 tell well-tattooed Jamal

that he met his wife at CVS. They were both

picking up statins. His a higher dose.

Once you realize that poems are everywhere,

your only task will be to write it down.

Esther Cohen writes a poem a day at Overheardec@substack.com.
Esther Cohen https://overheardec.substack.com

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