Poet’s Corner: On Reading an Article Where a Man Says Hunting is the Only Way He Can Enjoy Nature

It takes so little to enter the green world. 
It asks nothing of you, willing to hold you
without fear or division as you wander in.

Stand as a plant, rooting yourself. The earth
will do all the work. The sun will find you
under its long cast, gnats clouding over 
bursts of sedum and goldenrod, bees humming 
as they dance along a scatter of cornflowers.

Be still and the quiet will include you, 
adding your breath to this language you
don’t need to translate. Feel the air on your
skin like a new fur, soft and warm. Deer pause
and raise their heads to scan the field.  

Why be what they fear? Your animal 
home is this place and you are already
a part of what you think you should destroy.

Top photo: Bigstock