Poet’s Corner – Still Treasures

I lost my mind today;
Somewhere on the shore;
Where the jeweled Pacific rushes in
To wash away the horrors:
Of noises brought from hatefulness;
And lies to frighten old;
And bitterness to bite you,
Worse than the winter’s cold.

I lost my good sense with it; 
That blanket which reminds:
We really are just children
Seeking ways to remain kind.
And so just like a treasure hunt,
Hoping to discover:
Minds tumbled like a sea glass,
Protected by the plover.

I walk along the oceans foam,
With walking stick in hand;
Singing chanteys inked with hopefulness 
Along God’s golden sand.
Seagulls fly about me
With eyes of eagles, sharp:
Their feathers like a child’s kite
Gliding high above the scarp.

It’s then I hear the sweetest song,
Like a chocolate that sings:
“Come find me, I am over here,
With the fisher kings.”
I put my stick down carefully
And run to what I know:
A keeper of my mystery;
A soundboard for my show.

And like a salty-seashell,
I put it to my ear;
To hear of its adventure;
And what is it that I hear?
“As all life whips about you
With its blustering headwind;
There’s not a moment that you live
Where you’ll consider to rescind.

There are no arms to turn back time;
Not all your suns will rise with ease.
And like water colored skies of blue,
They all can’t share their breeze.
But trust the true heart which you seek;
It’s waiting just for you:
To teach there is a rainbow
For the loyal few.

Be loyal to all you know is good;
Be loyal for the weak;
Be loyal for downhearted;
As they turn the other cheek.
For untruths sink like rusting lead:
Made to rise with angry Gods.
But you, just like the tumbled glass
Is what loyalty applauds.

Your glister, like a flash of light;
Or diamonds tapping heaven’s door;
Or doing pirouettes at sunset,
Where your ocean meets your shore
Brings a still made to remind you:
We’ve only life to live;
And though some is for the taking,
There’s always more that you can give.”

And so my moral of this story;
Feels good and fairly sound:
Stop looking for the answers
That you’ve already found.
We’re born with truths within us,
And our fears are made by choice.
Forget the noise around you
And listen to your voice.

With that I grabbed my walking stick,
And walked away with peace;
And listened to the plovers’ song
And the honking of the geese.
I felt a spirit in me,
Knowing, should I close my eyes?
My mind will lead me back to shores
Of ever-knowing tides.

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About Robin Clark (62 Articles)
Robin, born in Talent Oregon, now resides in Bellevue, a community outside of Seattle Washington. She is a published poet, OP-ED writer and Children's story author. She is currently in partnership with a composer who has asked her to write the book for his next musical. She is also being courted by assorted Directors to write a stage play and her dream is to leave a legacy in words, where you come to realize anything is possible.