Poet’s Corner – The Language Of The Stars

The language of the stars
Invites me to the night sky
And distant past
Where galaxies and nebulas millions of light years away
Curve and move.
Spinning planets align
Veiled and tilted on their axes
Moving at different paces
In colors of their origin.
Constellations reveal patterns
Summer triangles and winter hexagons
Stars of autumn changing with the seasons.
Shooting stars abound
And magnetic bursts illuminate in the distant cosmos.
The moon shows its face to us
At times the only visitor in the night sky
Yet with many names in fullness.
Bound by gravity
I gaze upwards
Realizing that we are always moving.

Artwork, “Orbital Resonance,” by Marsha Solomon

About Marsha Solomon (20 Articles)
Marsha Solomon is a New York artist whose work has been exhibited nationally and internationally in galleries and museums. Her poetry has been published in both American and international art and literary journals, and recently a monographic book on her work, "From Rhythm to Form" was published by Cross-Cultural Communications.