Poet’s Corner – The Studio

Traveling through a full spectrum of colors in splashes
A jumbled room yet in timely spaces
Each part known to the artist.
Brushes in coffee cans line the shelves tilted on their axis
Palettes torn and placed as shapes
Drawn lines cross the room to the garden outside the door reaching to the bay.
Pastels edge the canvases leaning against the door waiting for scenes to be revealed.
Music written in unspoken words drop in between colors
And lift off the surface as butterflies moving above the canvases
Iridescent and beautiful.

Top: Pen and Ink Art by Marsha Solomon

About Marsha Solomon (22 Articles)
Marsha Solomon is a New York artist whose work has been exhibited nationally and internationally in galleries and museums. Her poetry has been published in both American and international art and literary journals, and recently a monographic book on her work, "From Rhythm to Form" was published by Cross-Cultural Communications.