Poet’s Corner – Thread of Perfection

What a blessing are the seasons.
Summer rains
Swift pour
Over as it begins.
Whispering into trees and plants.
Smelling like honeydew on its tips.
Tapping onto the pavements wet and slippery.
What a blessing to wait for autumn.
I already see the colors mixed
Long sleeves covering my arms
To wrap around the air.
I live in summer
But remember spring
And how welcoming it came.
Left by the cold
The house opened wide.
Winter has its time within
Huddled, cuddled, covered in snow.
A blanket of memories and celebrations
Watching the seasons come and go.
Life unfolds the thread of perfection 
Our planet coated with life
And painted in every hue
A breathing, turning globe.

Poem “Thread of Perfection” and artwork “Sonata With The Sun Setting” by Marsha Solomon

About Marsha Solomon (35 Articles)
Marsha Solomon is a New York artist whose work has been exhibited nationally and internationally in galleries and museums. Her poetry has been published in both American and international art and literary journals, and recently a monographic book on her work, "From Rhythm to Form" was published by Cross-Cultural Communications.