Poet’s Corner: We’re Americans For Goodness Sakes

And from the roots, of which we stand,
Are we the greatest in the land?
Are we the ones to make seas calm?
Refreshing nations with our balm,
Of freedom’s bells which often toll
Americans, who will extol:
We know what’s best for us and you;
Why, look at us, and what we shew:

We’ve children starving in the streets;
And men who still wear whitened sheets;
And guns to kill you with a smile,
Remembering that all the while:
Women are now under fire;
Tethered by electric wire–
To shock and awe the world around,
And suffocate, those with a sound.

We stop the love for those we choose:
Equality is what we lose.
We banter ‘bout what’s right and wrong;
And slap down bitches in a song.
We hide behind what’s God’s desire,
And put man’s feet to sinful fire.
We’re gluttons and know how to take:
We’re Americans for goodness sake.  

We let the homeless live without;
And bitch and moan and scream and shout;
While war-torn neighbors walk on sands–
Hot as hell to hope the lands
Beyond, the shores might share their light;
And help them in their stormy night–
And so they wait, heads bowed in shame
While Americans play out their game.

But here’s the good news in this rhyme:
If we rise in double time?
We’ll make our lands be written free;
To wave our dreams from sea to sea;
To equalize the options that
Allow us growth beyond the sprat;
And make our ponds alive again,
Where ideas born, are without sin:

Of fear and hatefulness which thwarts;
Our supreme justices in courts.
A pond where we can all grow old,
With hearts and pockets lined with gold;
Our land of liberty would shine,
While threads of debt could then unwind:
And loosen up the noose we’ve tied
So tight our truths turned into lies.

We’d bring back all adversity.
Enroll in Universities:
To wisely move our world to peace
And stop undying needs to fleece.
We could teach the world to fish,
Fulfilling every person’s wish;
And hold the hands of other’s ills,
And teach them that they have the wills…

To stand and fight for their own rights:
Without our guns; without our mights.
We could give the planet back
To Mother Earth, restored intact.
We could greet one with some grace
Regardless of their creed or race.
We could cure all which aches: 
We’re Americans, for goodness sakes.

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About Robin Clark (42 Articles)
Robin, born in Talent Oregon, now resides in Bellevue, a community outside of Seattle Washington. She is a published poet, OP-ED writer and Children's story author. She is currently in partnership with a composer who has asked her to write the book for his next musical. She is also being courted by assorted Directors to write a stage play and her dream is to leave a legacy in words, where you come to realize anything is possible.