2017 Kids Holiday Gift Guide Part III

Our annual Holiday Gift Guide contains boys, girls, and unisex items new and familiar. Hopefully, something for everyone on your list. (If not, please ask us)

Beauty- clockwise

Super DLX Hair Chalk Salon– Marissa’s mom tried coloring a lock of her own hair first. Barbara was fine with letting Marissa and Lucie style themselves when she was sure effects would wash out. In fact, she ended up leaving her own purple streak “for the moment.” This nifty kit includes 12 safe professional-grade hair chalk pens in a rainbow of colors, 30 metallic beads, beading tool, comb, 30 hair elastics and easy instructions, all in a handy carry case. Great for parties and sleepovers.  $27.95

SHANY Carry All Makeup Train Case with Pro Makeup -For an older girl i.e. actress-on-the-go.  Everything she needs to experiment. Sturdy case contains:  8 shadow quads with shimmer and matte shades, 3 dual sided eye shadow sponges, 2 blushes, 1 blush brush, 1 portable blush brush, 4 full sized lipsticks (two matte two shimmer), 1 dual-sided lip liner (red and pink), 1 dual-sided eye liner (black and brown), 1 dual-sided eyebrow brush/comb.  Not Tested on Animals, Proud Member of PETA. $29.98

Super Style Make-Up Artist Case– For your aspiring model- This one contains: 20 eye shadows, 2 blushes, 2 scented lip glosses, 3 nail polishes, 4 brushes, mirror and file, packed in a professional-style metal case for take-along consultations. Cosmetics wash off. Instruction booklet suggests application/looks. $29.95

Pedi Party– I can hear the giggles from here. What little girl doesn’t want to paint her nails? Includes 21” jumbo donut footbath, 2 lollipop foot scrubs, 2 cupcake emery boards, 4 glitter cupcake toe separators, 2 packets of confetti soap, 2 pairs of ’pedi’ slippers, 4 (7ml) bottles of nail polish, 100 sugar shack nail stickers, and 200 adhesive gems. $32.98

Dinosaurs! Clockwise

National Geographic Kids Ultimate Dinosaur Facts Bundle– Is he (she) addicted? Does he/she know facts you never did, regularly dragging you into The Museum of Natural History? Evan does. The 10 year-old took these directly into a room where he keeps his models and library. We left him with three volumes open on the rug enthusiastically comparing, adding to knowledge of whats, whys, and whens. Full color easy to read, this set covers 600 of the smallest, smartest, strangest, deadliest, and most mysterious dinos to have ever walked the earth. One book is descriptions and facts, the other features name meanings, periods, fossil facts, size, strength, and more. $32.95

Dinosaur Fun in Action Spinner Game– Do your little ones act out? Here’s an opportunity to encourage imagination/creative play. Ian got “Spread your wings (and legs) so wide! Microraptor! You can glide.” He looked like an ice skating, bow-legged cowboy eliciting laughter from parents and brother alike.  Barry landed on “Act Very fierce! Kick up the earth! Swing your tail for all you’re worth!” and almost kicked up the carpet. He roared and snapped. Photos were taken.  Get the idea? If there’s any interest at all, this will fuel it. A laptop was kept nearby to answer questions. Fun! Comes with 128 stickers for notebooks, backpacks…etc. 3+ • 9” X 9” Spinner $7.49

Flip-O-Saurus by Sara Ball– Mix and match parts from 10 real dinosaurs reinventing paleontology. Example: Mash up a Euoplocephalus, a Tyrannosaurus Rex, and an Oviraptor to build an armored beast with big clawing feet and a feathered tail called a Eusaurustor. Each flap tells you what each body part is capable of. Includes chart depicting size, name pronunciation, and meaning of name for each dino. Terrific artwork.  Sturdy hardcover book. $15.95

Start Art clockwise

eEboo Birds Nest Watercolor Pencils & Sketchbook (Sold Separately)- How pretty are these? Draw with the pencils, then apply water with a brush (buy one please) and watch gradations appear. Gives your burgeoning artist more control than real watercolor paint while introducing her to inherent possibilities. Matching pad contains 60 matte sheets of 8.5″ x 11″, durable paper in durable spiral binding. Makes read-for-framing work. Pad $5.99



Inflatable Easel with Paints– This is cool looking as well as practical. Heavy duty inflatable vinyl can be set up outdoors as well as inside.  Includes four paints, four shaped sponges, and a paintbrush. No paper needed. He or she creates right on the easel surface. Art washes right off. Take my advice, buy more paint – it’s tempera. Approx. 5½’H. The site sells a separate pump if you don’t have one for bicycles. $24.98

Mixed Media Easel Artist Set– For the young artist who’s really absorbed in creating. An opportunity to try various mediums all housed in one neat two-drawer chest that converts into a sturdy tabletop easel. 15 ¾” x 11 ½” x 6 ¼   15 3/4”L x 11 1/2”W x 6 1/4”DIncludes 12 each of acrylic paint tubes, oil paint tubes, watercolor paint tubes, oil pastels, soft pastels, sheets of mixed media paper, 9 brushes, 3 palette knives, 2 canvas boards, 1 each of graphite pencil, wooden palette, six-well palette, eraser, and sharpener. $89.95

First Impressions Kids 78 Piece Art Set– Tantalizing, isn’t it? Makes you want to try your own hand. (Do!) Includes 24 watercolor cakes, 24 colored pencils, 15 oil pastels, 10 markers, 2 plastic mixing trays, 1 paint brush, 1 pencil sharpener, I white eraser all packed neatly into a carrying case with metal lined sides and a clear plastic top.  All supplies non-toxic. On sale $19.99    If I were you I’d make sure to have a pad or suitable paper in another package.

Unexpected Science clockwise

Sick Science Fizz-Pop-Boom Science Kit- A STEM product: Science, Technology, Engineering, Math. (Watch for these) “Sick-adjective: crazy, cool, insane. This science is so SICK.” Speak their language. Fizz is not only found in carbonated drinks but also employed to launch a rocket. 7 year-old Andy was so thrilled with a geyser created out of an ordinary soda bottle, he and his father had to conduct this experiment twice. Watch out for wet mess. A Co2 “sandwich” was also put together several times as Andy insisted on taking one to school to show it off and there were failures before success. (The bag POPs!) There are few experiments but variations to be tried and questions raised. And it’s fun. Kit includes: 4 re-sealable plastic bags, 1 roll Mentos candies, 1 plastic geyser tube, 3 plastic caps, 3.5 oz. baking soda, one 1-L plastic bottle, 2 rubber stoppers, one iron inflating needle, two hook-and-loop straps, 3 plastic fins, and inspiring instructions. AND  QR codes that link to exclusive informational online videos, so kids can continue learning at home. $21.98

The Everything Kids Science Experiment Book by Tom Robinson– With a few household items children can learn whether it’s possible to blow up a balloon without actually blowing into it, what’s inside coins, if a magnet can be “turned off”. Chapters: Biology, Chemistry, Physics, The Planet Earth, and The Human Body cover a wide swath of experiential learning in a captivating way.  “The most important thing i8s to never stop questioning.” Albert Einstein  $8.49

Scientific Explorer Spa Science– Here’s a really original way to indirectly learn about science. Bath gels, aromatherapy oils, bath fizzers, spa lotions, face masks, oatmeal soap, shampoo… all this can be approached as science. Make a lab of the bath tub. Mix fragrant potions, blend natural and organic ingredients. Teaches chemical reactions and why they happen. Includes lavender essential oil, peppermint essential oil, dried roses, glycerin soap bar, sea salt, citric acid, baking soda, oats, muslin bag, 2 pipettes, 2 plastic cups, detailed instructions. Also required common household items. List on site. $18.95

Other Creative Options

Left: Crafty Creations™ Mini-Pie-Making Kit– Cooking and baking can be immensely creative. Some of you know this. Scaling things down is a great idea to get kids interested in process, not to mention experiencing satisfaction in gifting something you’ve made yourself. (Includes 20 gift boxes) Make he/she a personalized label on the computer.

Kit includes a roller, mat, cutter, pie tins, pie presses, tart liners, and all the tools needed to create 8 unique, mini pies (and three different crusts) from a file of recommended recipes. Components look solid- these are not just toy tins, theyt’re meant to be used. Note: Ingredients not included . You might want to stock up beforehand. $33.99

There’s also Klutz Kids Cooking -a book with step by step recipes for 30 classic, parent-approved meals. $19.99

Right: Comic Book Kit– Stop thinking of comic books as just (now collectable) Superman or Archie. Today’s graphic comics are often considered art. Storytelling is a terrific skill as is visualizing. He or she might become an artist, cinematographer or director. Includes: 2 blank comic books 32 pages each, 2 stencil sheets, 5 stamps, 3 ink pads, 3 ink bottles and 10 markers. $19.95