Add Interest to Your Home. Decorate with Dried Flowers

No earth, water, or fuss.  A natural look.


Left: Tallow Berries Dried: 5’8” tall. About 6 OZ (about 175 grams); 2 bundles usually. $23.18

Right: Funarty Cotton Stems 20 Bolls 16” Tall 11Pcs. Each stem of natural dry cotton is about 16” tall. The diameter of the cotton head is about 2″-2.5″ $12.98

Bouquet I

Left: Natural Dried Flowers Bouquet Cotton Gypsophila Daisy Forget Me Not Mixed: About 17” height. $11.49

Right: XYXCMOR Natural Dried Flowers Bouquet: Dried Eucalyptus Leaves, Roses, Baby’s Breath : About 18”. All natural. Sale $18.99

Bouquet II

Left: Founcure Golden Ball Dried Flowers: Bright yellow preserved flowers will not fade. About 12” high. The flower language of the golden ball-eternal happiness. $9.89  

Right: Uieke Dried Bouquets 20PCS Dried Daisy Mums: About 17” high. $12.99 Also a yellow/orange grouping

Monochromatic Bunches   clockwise

2 Bunches Dried Lavender: 16” length. All natural. Fragrance preserved. $12.99

Ever Blossom Baby’s Breath Gypsophilia Real Dried Flowers: Made of real Baby’s Breath flowers, hand-picked and preserved at full bloom. Non-toxic process, no harmful chemicals are used to preserve our baby’s breath. $28.99

80 Pcs, 17″ Set | 30 Pcs White Pampas and Natural Dried Pampas Grass, 50 Pcs Natural Rabbit Tail Grass, Lagurus Ovatus: All pampas are handpicked and carefully preserved. $29.99

Image by J.Rim Lee from Pixabay 

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