Annual Kids Holiday Gift Guide – STOCKING STUFFERS

Often the most difficult to find, smaller gifts are a part of most traditional holidaze.

Give M’ A Giggle

Left: Tap Dancing Slip-Ons – I recommended these last year when I not only kid-sampled them but sent a pair to adult friends who thought they were a hoot. (Meant for small feet, they may just slip over bigger shoes) Slip the rainbow ribbons over any shoes. Taps are on the bottom. Develops coordination, encourages rhythm/movement. $14.98

Right: Canned Laughter – No kidding (well, kind of kidding). Open the ersatz Campbell’s Soup can and hear six different laughs. Close it mid guffaw and it will start with the next. 4” high, 3” circumference. A literal and figurative hoot. (Not just for kids by any means) $12.95

Early Drawing

Left: Munchkin Bath Crayons – 5 crayons- yellow, orange, red, green and purple- that easily wipe off the wall or tub as soon as your little Picasso climbs out. You never know when the muse will appear. $6.53

Right: Animal Crayons – A Museum of Modern Art classic. Set of 12 plastic crayons, each topped with a fun animal head. Plastic crayons are cleaner and easier to use than traditional wax crayons, creating smooth, rich colors on paper while keeping hands clean.   4.5h x .5w x .75″d  $12.98

Get Physical

Left: Rainbow Jump Rope – Never gets old. Great way to exercise and have fun, alone or with friends. Tin handles, 7’ nylon rope. $4.20

Right: Hornit Bike Light, Bells, and Whistles – This rubbery bicycle clip-on features 25 sounds activated by remote trigger (no taking hands off handlebars) plus white safety lights  and funky green ones. Apparatus lets forth with quite a sound– sounds, really! I’m told Brian tried them all before coming back inside and has never ridden his bike more.  A partial list: racing cars, police siren and fire engine (the 8 year-old was warned not to abuse these—inclusion is a bit questionable), airplane, helicopter, rooster, lion, elephant; magic carpet whoosh, space laser…there’s even a fart and a burp. Needless to say these two were always the first demonstrated to visiting friends.

Make Your Mark

Left: Chalk Stompers – Strap on durable-foam stompers (feels like space footwear) – Velcro® straps adjust to fit any foot size- and leave a trail of moons and stars. 4 powdered nontoxic-chalk packs provide color. $14.98

Right- Ink-a-do Tattoo – Shimmery gel pens and accompanying stencils create super, temporary tattoos. Or let them design their own! Easily washes off with soap and water. $6.95

Smiley Faces

Left: Handmade Snowman Brownie Pops – 6 Rich, fudgy, grinning snow people, sugar- decorated for the season. Each wrapped individually for convenience. Also good party favors or table decoration. Includes: 2 Handmade Chocolate Snowman Brownie Pops Dipped in White with a Scarf, 2 Handmade Chocolate Snowman Brownie Pops Dipped in White with a Hat , 2 Handmade Chocolate Snowman Brownie Pops Dipped in White with Earmuffs.                                            12  of them 49.98

Right: Discovery Telescopic Self-Portrait = Selfie Stick! Cell phone mount adjusts to hold any phone up to 3” wide. Pole extends up to 38” long allowing for group shots as well as self-portraits. Using phone’s timer capture modes. Handy. $19.99

Girly Stuff

Left: Flowers Paper Fan (two other designs available) This pretty 8” fan is great for pretend play, feminine wiles or your friends’ hot flashes. Sturdy construction with embroidered/needlework look. Comes in a long narrow package perfect for stockings.$4.99

Right: Fairy Fingermajigs – Set of 6 wooden push-puppets to make dance and encourage imagination. Tiny dancers choose their own moves; you never know which way they’ll plié. Cute and vibrant. Sized right for small hands. Also excellent party favors. $15.98

Holiday Party Fun

Left: Light-Up Holiday Glasses – A set of four frames includes two pairs of reindeer-horn-trimmed specs and two pairs trimmed with Christmas trees. LED Eyewear shines continuously or blinks. (Includes 3 button cell batteries.) Great for siblings or merrymaking relatives. NOTE: There are no instructions. Look for a little piece of plastic sticking out of the back of the glasses. Pull out. On off switch is on top of the frame at the center. $16.98

Right: Jingle Bell Snap-Bracelets – Another popular item I’ve run before, these soft, Velcro-closed bracelets boast five jingly bells each. This set of four- two red, two green- is also ready for multiple partiers whether children or so-called adults. Sale $9.98