Artisanal Scarves

Why just keep your neck warm when you can wear artful expression of character?

Painterly     clockwise

Blended Ombre/Tie-Dye Scarf: Lightweight. Slightly stretchy. 53”

Color-run Scarf with beaded tassel. 53”  Polyester. Sale $21.60

Polyester multi-color scarf. Many options. Sale $17.93

Merino Wool “Deep Sea” Felted Scarf: Handmade. Decorated with silk and natural viscose threads. 69”  $163.62    

Left: Boho Style Hand Knit Scarf by Buttermilk Cottage: Diagonal wool, nylon eyelash, mohair, cotton, ribbon. Many shades of brown with touches of butterscotch, rust and orange.  66” x 6”  $60.00 UNIQUE (only 1) 

Center: Multicolor  Stripe Scarf: Wooden button at the asymmetric side. Cotton. Sale $16.50 https://comfymission

Top Right: Handknit Neck Warmer: or collar $59.00    

Bottom Right: Hand Knitted Neck Warmer: Acrylic yarn. 28” x 4”. Many colors. $30.00

Chunky Knits- Hoods, Scarves     clockwise

Hooded Scarf: Handmade.Chunky Merino Wool. $49.50

Riding Hood Scarf and Cowl by Sjofns Musings: Handmade. Seed stitch hand-knit infinity scarf. Soft merino wool in 17 color options. 50” x 8”. $78.00 “Finishing: All wool items are treated with Eucalan Wool Wash before shipping. Please let me know when ordering if you have any allergies to detergents.”

Knit Merino Wool Scarf. Chunky & Oversize & Three lengths: 59”, 73”, 86.6”. Many colors. $65.00

Hand Knit Triangle Scarf: Merino wool. 38”. Lots of colors $39.00

Hand Knit Mustard Hooded Scarf: Acrylic/wool. $91.00

Not Shown: Chunky Knit Infinity Scarf by Marcellamoda $59.00

Photo by Godisable Jacob from Pexels

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