Gloves (Except Snow)

Whether for warmth or decoration, this is the time of year when hands crave cover.

Length and Warmth

Left: Elbow Length Italian Cashmere Lined Gloves with Side Zipper by Fratelli Orsini– For those who really get cold and/or like drama. Elbow length (8 button) Side zipper extends full length. Lined with 100% Italian cashmere. $179.95

Right: “4 Button Length” Italian Cashmere Lined Gloves with Side Zipper By Fratelli Orsini– Zipper extends full length. Italian lambskin leather. Lined with 100% pure Italian cashmere. $145.95


Left: Fox Fur Trim Wool Lined Leather Gloves– Black, brown, silver or crystal indigo fox. Premium Lambskin Leather gloves . Authentic Fox Fur trim. 100% wool lining. Sale $99.95

Right: Italian Leather Gloves with Multicolor Fox Fur Cuff  by Fratelli Orsini– 4 colors available. These have pizzazz. $185.95


Left: Multi Color Knit Gloves from CC Brand– Soft, warm multi color knit gloves of high quality acrylic knit for those who spend less time outside or have good thermostats. Brown faux leather tag is in the palm to protect your grip. The company makes matching scarves and beanie hats. $12.50

Right: Extra Warm Double Knitted Gloves– Made by made by women in Peru of 100% alpaca wool dyed with natural paint made from plants. Fair trade and sustainable product with respect for people, animals and nature. $39.95

Party Gloves just for effect

Left: Black Lace, Fingerless Gloves by Jana with loop– Custom made. $30.00 plus shipping

Center: Black Sequin Gloves– Stretch lace with finger loop. Shipping is more than cost of gloves but together still inexpensive.  $6.95

Right: Ivory Gold or Silver Fingerless Gloves by Jana- Holiday fairie? Custom made. $33.00

Opening: Italian Silk Lined Leather Gloves By Fratelli Orsini in a rainbow of color- Standard length dress gloves, extend 1.5 – 2 inches beyond the wrist. $88.95

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