Hide Pandemic Pounds with Style

Trapeze Shapes

Left: High-Low Polka-Dot Split-Side Blouse: Loose, long sleeves. Polyester. Lapel collar. $39.99 Solid White $37.99

Right: Asymmetric Split-Joint Sleeveless Blouse: Loose, hi-low, sleeveless. Stand up collar. White or black. Sale $29.99  

Boxy Blouses and a Tunic  (add shoulder pads if anything sticks)    clockwise

Blouson Sash Blouse: Cotton/nylon $39.00

Asymmetric Split-Joint Loose T-Shirt: Loose, long sleeves. Cotton blend. Round neck. Asymmetric hem. Also black. Sale $39.99

Bardot Korkula Linen Blouse: Lightweight, stonewashed linen. Cuffed sleeves. Elastic neckline. 3 colors Sale $53.50

Simple Split-Front T-Shirt Top: Loose, pull-over. 90% cotton. $39.99

Lean Dresses     left to right

Terra Linen Dress: Relaxed fit Scoop neckline Sleeveless Side button placket-partially functional. Midi length $149.00 

Asymmetric One-Shoulder Maxi Dress: Cotton/polyester. Asymmetric hem. Black or white. Sale $39.99

Split-joint Sleeveless Linen Dress: 4 colors. Loose, one shoulder. Runs large. Sale $39.00

Photo by Arina Krasnikova at Pexels

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