Holiday Countdown Gift Guide: More For Kids

From stocking stuffers to a major keeper


Time Teaching Elementary School Watch: teaches essentials of counting and fractions and gives youngsters a grasp of the actual concept of time. Lauren Vantuykom’s clever design uses blocks of color that help little ones understand what hour it is, even when the small hand isn’t pointing right at a number (at 2:30, for example). The minutes are vividly marked off in increments of 5 to 55, and the star-shaped secondhand demonstrates the meaning of “clockwise.” Battery. $25.00

Crystal Growing Volcano: kit includes a paper volcano form, a tray, terraforming solution and easy to do instructions. Just pour in the magic solution and watch a mighty volcano grow, effloresce, and bloom. Non-toxic, and safe. $7.99 

Savvi American Traditional Temporary Tattoos Pack ~ 50 Count Classic Tattoos designs including ships, snakes, roses, skulls, daggers and more!  $6.96

Girls (probably)     Clockwise

The Unicorn Rests in a Garden Jack-In-The-Box: Wind it up and out pops a plush unicorn, inspired by the mythological animal depicted in The Unicorn Rests in a Garden at The Met Cloisters. Recommended ages 3 and older  Printed tin box with polyester plush puppet inside 5 1/2” x 5 1/2” x 6” when closed $39.95

Karaoke Microphone for Kids: Play & Record any song- from any app on your phone like Spotify, YouTube or Apple Music. Built-in audio and vivid sound effects. Professional audio processor and tuning system, three layers high destiny noise reduction. Made with durable aluminum alloy material to withstand falls, impacts. Battery powered. 5 colors. Sale $17.78- $24.99

Dazzle the Plush Unicorn: Oversized stuffed animal (approx. 40″L x 20″H) pink mane, tail and hooves  Embroidered with shiny, pink whimsical hearts that add flair  Sports a sparkly pink collar and horn for extra “fanciness” $44.97


Stratos European Bobsled:  Differential steering enables quick turns with better grip and stability  Deep digging brake stops riders quickly and safely  Retractable tow cord easily totes your sled up the hill  Durable, molded plastic sled with no sharp metal parts is easy to clean and store 38″L x 22″W $139.00

348 pcs 4-in-1 Fire Fighting Building Blocks Set : Product Material: Eco-friendly ABS plastic  Blocks pcs: 348+pcs with 4 dolls   Assembly method: 4 set small sets can combine into 1 big Model (if you want the big truck and 4 small ones buy 2 sets ) Sale $28.99 

Sherlock Holmes Detective Tool Kit: plastic, cardboard, paper, ink 9.21 x 8.27 x 2.9 Kit Includes: Spy Cipher Fingerprint Ink Magnifying Glass 10 Case Puzzle Book Detective Journal  Pencil $25.00Photo by Mike Arney on Unsplash

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