Holidaze- Be Prepared: Gift Guide for Music & Art Lovers

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Guitar: The World’s Most Seductive Instrument Book A guitar obsessive’s delight, this full-color book features 200 iconic instruments in detail. (double spread image to the right) Included are Prince’s custom-built Yellow Cloud, Willie Nelson’s road-worn “Trigger” acoustic, and “Rocky,” the Stratocaster lovingly hand-painted by its owner, George Harrison. Presented in a slipcase. Hardcover, 216 pages. $35.00  

Men’s Piano Socks: Black and white graphic of a piano keyboard running the length of the foot and above the ankle. 65% cotton, 15% nylon, 15% polyester and 5% spandex. $14.00

Not Shown: Women’s Music Score Knee Socks $14.00

Musical Dominoes: In a clever twist on a classic game of skill, the pips are notes and rests representing specific time values. Set of 28 ivory resin dominoes arrives in a sleek black box. $29.95

Red Sheet Music Skinny Tie: Made for the music enthusiast, this 100% silk necktie features a musical score in black on a red background, accented with a flourish of yellow treble clef symbols. Measuring 2 ½” wide x 58” long, it is a skinny version of the 3 ¾” wide Red Sheet Music Tie. 2 ½” W x 58” L. $64.00    

Sheet Music Eyeglass Case with Cloth: Made exclusively for the Met Opera Shop, this fabric-covered eyeglass case features white hand-penned musical notes on a black background. 2 ½” wide x 1” high x 6 ½” long. $18.00

Sheet Music Bow Tie: Made of 100% silk. 4.25” L x 2.5” H Adjustable 14”–17” neck. $55.00

Piano Leather & Suede Card Case: Handmade in Italy from black leather, this card case features the iconic curved shape of a grand piano. Running along the edge is a classic black & white keyboard design; grey suede accents. 3” wide x 4” long with top-stitching and ample space provided for cards on the opposite side. $48.00 

Not Shown: Luggage tag $40.00

“Opera A-Z” Tie: Depicts a whimsical alphabet of a fanciful character, title or composer from the world of opera. illustrated by artist Liddy Lindsay. 100% silk and measures 3 ¼” wide x 56 ½” long. $55.00

Not Shown: Karaoke Bluetooth Microphone $39.99

Not Shown: Corsair Classic Look Clock Radio/CD Player with Bluetooth Red $110.00

Art   clockwise

Art 101 119-pc. Wood Art Set: Premium Core Colored Pencils color, shade, and blend beautifully. A variety of painting tools including acrylic paints, watercolor cakes, paint palettes, and paint brushes. 48 creamy oil pastels which shade and blend with ease. Two bonus learning guides covering the basics of painting and drawing. Wooden carrying case with a drawer to easily organize your supplies $34.99

Light by Eva Figes: This shimmering short novel gives an extraordinary portrait of a day in the life of artist Claude Monet at Giverny. All of the characters experience, in very different ways, the richness of the light that Monet works unceasingly to pin down in his last great paintings. $11.98

General Pencil Masters Brush Cleaner & Preserver, 1 Pack, Clear:  Keep brushes like new with this lemon scented Cleaner and preserver. Non toxic water soluble cleaning Compound works safely on oils, acrylics, or watercolors . $10.48

In I Always Loved You, Robin Oliveira re-creates the world of Belle Époque Paris, in particular the relationship of burgeoning painter Mary Cassatt’s with successful master, Edgar Degas. Passion and foibles of the human heart. $16.61

F is for Fake DVD by Orson Welles: The true story of many fakes and a few fake stories about fakes. Orson Welles creates a portrait of internationally known art forger Elmyr de Hory, who had recently been the subject of a bestselling biography by Clifford Irving called “Fake.” (Irving was author of a book with fake interviews of Howard Hughes.) There’s documentary footage of Elmyr, Irving himself, the enacted case of 22 missing Picassos. Welles cuts in and out of his own comments about what constitutes “fake.” Thoroughly entertaining.

82 Piece Deluxe Art Creativity Set: Wooden Case, Wood Desk Easel and 20 Additional Pieces – Suitcase Handle and locking clasps make this art set ideal for easy transporting. Set Contains: 24 Colored Pencils, 24 Oil Pastels, 24 Watercolors, 2 Artist Brushes, 2-2B Drawing Pencils, 1 Pencil Sharpener, 1 Eraser, and a plastic Ruler. $59.96

Not Shown: Earth Without Art is just ‘Eh’ Shirt: Light blue sweatshirt is 50/50 cotton blend; T-shirt is preshrunk 100% cotton. $19.95 Sizes M-XXL.

Illuminating and Entertaining Art Tours to ZOOM with a BFF or a group. Professor Andrew Lear—founder of Oscar Wilde Tours, the LGBTQ history and art tour company, and Shady Ladies Tours—has converted many of his tours into Zoom events.  Events can be modified but generally last 75 minutes, with time for Q&A. Lear is charming and knowledgeable.

See my review of a tour I took live at The Metropolitan Museum

Currently Available Tours:
The Feisty Women of the Metropolitan Museum—powerful and ambitious women in history
The Feisty Women of the US National Portrait Gallery
The Shady Ladies of the Metropolitan Museum—royal mistresses and courtesans in art and history
The Dressed to Kill tour of the Metropolitan Museum—fashion and beauty standards through history
The Shady Ladies of Paris
Marie Antoinette’s Paris
The Sexy Secrets of Père Lachaise Cemetery—the racy personalities buried in this great monumental cemetery, from Oscar Wilde to Edith Piaf
The Sexy Secrets of Britain’s Stately Homes—palatial houses with racy stories
Fright Night at the Metropolitan—a special Halloween tour of the Met’s creepiest holdings
Greek Love Myths at the Metropolitan—a special Valentine’s Day tour about Venus, Cupid, and other love myths
The Gay Secrets of the Metropolitan Museum—LGBTQ masterpieces, from ancient Greek statues to Picasso’s Gertrude Stein
LGBTQ history walking tour of Greenwich Village
The Gay Secrets of Boston’s MFA
The Gay Secrets of London’s National Portrait Gallery

Call Professor Lear at 646 560 3205, or email andrew@oscarwildetours.com

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