Kids Outdoor Play

There’s still some summer left. Children have returned from camp or vacation and are hanging around trying to avoid thoughts of school. Remember when you had summer’s off? Playtime!

Intex Rainbow Ring Inflatable Play Center: 117″ X 76″ X 53″, for Ages 2+. Little kids love an opportunity not just to get wet but to move! Bright, cheerful and almost kid ready. Center includes water slide, wading pool, water sprayer, ring toss game (with 4 inflatable rings), ball roller game, and toss ball game (six plastic play balls) Water sprayer attaches to garden hose. Water capacity: 77 gallons. $59.99


Backyard Safari Cargo Vest– Is your child a born explorer? Whether tramping through the park or neighboring woods, this vest makes scientific study look official. Rugged poly-twill fabric with reinforced detail. Enough pockets and rings to carry all essential field gear: 2 cargo pockets with Velcro enclosures, zipper pocket with mesh outer pouch, 4 sturdy D rings and a clear front pocket. Includes an adventure guide Recommended for children 6 &. $14.03

Think about adding Backyard Field Binoculars $7.33                     

And/or Backyard Field Tools $8.45                                                      

INNOCHEER Kids Gardening Tools: 7 Piece Garden tool set for Kids. The colorful, durable set includes kid-sized hand trowel, shovel, rake, watering can, gardening gloves, smock and carrier tote bag with pockets for seeds, toys & tools. Sturdy metal blades and quick-clean plastic handles. Construction that holds up to dirt and sand. Here’s an activity you can pursue together. Or give him/her a small patch to watch grow. $21.00    

Kangaroo’s Insect Bug Adventure Set– OOOOO Bugs! Eighteen piece Backyard Exploration Set includes: Tweezers, Compass, Watch, Field Collector Container with Belt Hook; Small Magnifying Glasses, One Large Bug Collection Container with Folding Magnifying Lens Top to See Insects Up Close, One Medium Insect Collection Container; Butterfly Net, Bug Catcher, Clip Board, Pencil & Field Note Sheet, 6 Unique Plastic Insects; Large Magnifying Glass with Zoom Lens; Kid Bug Catcher; Bug Catcher Box Included . Perhaps add a book to identify what’s what? $15.90                                                                                                         

Bubble Thing BIG BUBBLES Wand and Mix– Bigger is definitely better here. invented in 1984 by architect David Stein to entertain his young daughter. Often imitated, it still bubbles biggest by far. 90-inch fabric loop is woven to absorb and release maximum soap. Slide-control shapes bubbles of endless variety—not just globes or tunnels, but double-bubbles, bubbles-in-bubbles, kids-in-bubbles. The BIG Bubble Mix in the package makes 2.7 gallons of solution and works instantly. Just stir with hot tap water and dish soap (Joy, Dawn, or Fairy) . BIG Bubble Mix refill available here on Amazon. This never gets old. $17.95  

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