More Stocking Stuffers

Whether you actually put one of these in a stocking, add to a grab bag or offer as a small, unexpected gift, all are useful and unexpected.

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Kitchen IQ Knife Sharpener: Patented Edge Grip feature allows sharpening on the edge of the table or counter top- prevents the tip of larger knives from dragging over the surface of the counter. Compact for easy storage. 3.75 x 2.04 x 1.63” Non slip base. $5.99

Build-On Brick Mug by Lego: Yes, it holds liquid. 5 base colors with add-ons. Sale $14.90

The Wave™ Wine Bottle Purifier by Purewine: Filters out histamines and sulfites · Reduces wine headaches without affecting flavor; aerates wine. $9.95

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Carbon Eyeglass CleanerbyPeeps:Uses NASA technology · Can last for over 500 cleanings  Leaves the inside and outside of your lenses smudge- and oil-free. Remove dust with the included brush, then let the facing carbon pads wipe off oils and smudges. $14.95

Emergency Phone Charger Key Chain by Atom XS: Check your phone specifications before ordering to ensure you choose the right Phone Charger Keychain. Hold finger on USB port located next to the keyring for 5 seconds to turn on. A solid red light will appear. Slide the bottom button forward to extend the charging tip for your device. To turn off the charger, unplug it from your mobile device and it will automatically turn off after roughly 30 seconds Keychain ring allows you to attach to keys. $29.95

24-7 Reusable Bagby flip & tumble: Nylon. Machine wash cold, hang to dry. Each bag holds up to 35 lbs. No slip shoulder strap. Inside stretch pouch. $13.95 Also: Crossbody Bag $36.00. Backpack $34.00

All-in-One Golf Club Cleanerby Caddy-Clean: Refillable spray bottle lasts over 500 sprays. Non-scratch scrub pad is easily replaceable, washable, and durable. Brass groove cleaning tools won’t scratch and will not wear down grooves. Fold-out brass brush gets tough dirt and grass off club faces. Premium golf towel hooks to golf bag. $29.95

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