Placemats for Reviving Entertainment

Really, you can’t wait to see people face to face again AND the holidays are coming. Spruce up your table in anticipation.

Round Placemats   clockwise

FunWheat Round Woven Braided Placemats: Set of 6. Washable. Non-slip. 100% woven polypropylene. 13”. 20 colors. $14.98

OJIA Round Placemats: Set of 4. 13”. Washable, woven cotton. 3 colors. Sale $19.99

Trunkin Set of 4 Gold Colored Metal/Fabric/ Glass Beaded Placemat: 13”.  Fabric Back. 12 colors. $42.00

Design Placemats   clockwise

Cork Placemats by rockflowerpaper: Set of 4 Heat Resistant Gold Cork Backed Placemats . Anti-slip. 16″ x 12″. $44.95 

Maison d’ Hermine Marquise 100 Cotton Placemats: Set of 4. 13” x 19” $28.99

Set of 10 Mexican Serape Table Mats: 18.1 x 12.6”. Fabric. $19.99

Rectangular Mats   clockwise

4 pigchcy Placemats: Washable woven vinyl. 18 x 12”Royal + Navy Blue. Assorted colors. $9.99

Saro Lifestyle Melaya Shimmering Woven Nubby Table Placemats: Set of 4. 14″ x 20″ 8 colors.  Sale $23.90

C&F Home Quilted Placemats: Set of 4. 13” x 19”. Machine washable cotton. $44.16

Photo by Sigmund on Unsplash

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