Ridiculously Inexpensive…Gowns

Whether you rarely have reason for something formal and don’t want to invest or attend too many events and want variety, these may provide option. Though probably drop-shipped to a US warehouse, they seem to come directly from Chinese sources making them particularly affordable. Unlike American companies, sites neither specify closures nor describe. They do, however, provide measurement for fit. Fabrication is polyester or cotton/polyester. All are on sale. Many look pricier.

Pale I

Left: Off the Shoulder Dress/Pant– Fifties meets today- a la Julia Roberts’ Golden Globe look. Stylish. Off white with sheen.  $31.61

Right: Polka Dot Bow Dress– Demure. Transparent sleeves, feminine center bow. Pretty belt. $42.00

Not shown: Champagne Sequin, Spaghetti Strap Gown $30.33 

Not Shown: White on White Lace Floral Dress $43.83

Pale II

Left: Long Sleeve Drape Top Dress– Minimalist and striking. Cross draped, fitted top, shimmery bottom. $29.99

Right : White Suit Evening Dress– This satiny piece can be work as a dress or coat. Very open at the front. $38.99


Left: Low V Dress with Trendy Sleeve Interest– Flattering and artful. Other colors. $31.95

Center: Princess Silhouette– Satiny, full skirted dress. Youthful and flirty. Pockets! Other colors. $41.17

Right: Chiffon, Long Sleeved Evening Dress– Contrasting sash. Float in. Covered but not dull. $33.99


Left: Powder Blue Lace and Embroidered Gown– Soft and womanly. Open Back. $28.69

Right: Halter Top, Full Skirted Gown– Glimmer and shine. $34.95

Not Shown: Lace Top Navy Blue Chiffon Gown $40.89 

Not Shown: V Neck Jacquard Dress with Pockets $57.99


Left: Separates-Looking V Neck Gown– Black top, floral bottom, red ribbon sash. Unfussy. $39.99

Center: Red and White Floral Gown– Easy hostess gown with trendy sleeve interest. $31.95

Right: Floral Halter Gown– Black halter top, full-skirted, floral bottom. Garden party? $31.00

Not Shown: Leopard Print Chiffon Gown $32.95 


Left: Dendritic Embroidered/Sequin Gown– Glamorous. Deep, deep slit you may want to close a bit. Covered top. $41.99 

Right: Putty Color, Extravagant Sleeve Dress– Terrific flair. Looks much more expensive. $29.99

The items featured in this article have been chosen by the editors of Woman Around Town simply because we like them and think you may, too. No advertising fees have been paid to Woman Around Town for this article.