Ridiculously Inexpensive…Jumpsuits

Immensely practical and finished looking, jumpsuits are an addition to any wardrobe. These, though probably drop-shipped to a US warehouse, seem to come directly from Chinese sources making them particularly affordable. Unlike sites of American companies, these neither specify closures nor describe. They do, however, provide measurement for fit. Fabrication is polyester or cotton/polyester. All are on sale. Many comes in alternate colors, many look pricier.


Left: Red Jumpsuit with half Skirt: Julia Roberts’ silhouette from the Golden Globes. Crew neck, sleeveless. Cotton/polyester. $29.93 

Center: Strapless, Self-Belted Jumpsuit– Easy fit. $30.31

Right: Strapless Chiffon Jumpsuit: Layered top, elastic waist. $29.51

Not Shown: V Neck Casual Jumpsuit with belt $27.05 


Left: Slim, Black n’ White Jumpsuit– Detailed halter top makes this polished. $29.41

Center: Pocket Jumpsuit– Casual or dress-up. Jumpsuit with clean lines. Adding a belt, optional.  $30.99

Right: Crisscross Bandage Jumpsuit– Wide legs contrast fitted top. $33.08

Not Shown: Ruffled Falbala Jumpsuit $34.90


Left: Bright, Sleeveless Jumpsuit– Cotton. Racer top with asymmetric bow tie. Pleated pant. In 3 other colors $30.88

Center: Cape Sleeve Chiffon Jumpsuit– Flowy evening option. Also in claret red, black, white. Long, cape sleeve, round neck, wide leg. $32.99

Right: Cowboy Jumpsuit– A go-to item if there ever was one. Stitching detail $44.99

Not Shown: Strapless Jeans Jumpsuit $28.99 


Left: Velvet Evening Jumpsuit– Who needs a tux? Extra wide legs. Bordered v neck and cuffs. Long sash. $46.32

Center: Low V Halter Top Jumpsuit– Easy looking but flirty. Backless. Elastic waist. Slash pockets. In 6 colors. $28.24

Right: Discrete Belted Jumpsuit. Partly covered v neck. Side pockets. Sash. $27.99 

Not Shown: Deep Halter, Open Back Jumpsuit $25.49


Left: Jumpsuit with Half Skirt– Another like Julia Roberts’ Golden Globe style. Pale and pretty. Also in red. $35.95

Right: Ruffled Layer Jumpsuit– Cute and girly. Printed. Fitted waist. $47.99

The items featured in this article have been chosen by the editors of Woman Around Town simply because we like them and think you may, too. No advertising fees have been paid to Woman Around Town for this article.