Summer Camp Gifts

It’s that time again. Whether the kids are going away for two weeks or two months, packages are expected. Here are some ideas with which to pack them off or to show you miss them later on.

The Ultimate Camp Journal–  Whether this particularly colorful, interactive version or another more sedate, every kid should take a journal. Helps coalesce thoughts, records memories, helps language, exorcises feelings. 5.5” x 6” 144 page journal: 6 tabbed sections with 7 different activity/memory sections to fill out. Includes 6 postcards to send home, 4 sheets of stickers, and a pen. $11.99                                                                                                              

Sling-Shot Heli-Rocket by Wave Runner– Safe Firework Alternative. Lights Up The Sky with Illuminated Rocket Helicopters- Face it, they grow out of catching fireflies. Package comes with 3 slings and 6 rockets built with soft yet durable materials. Multi-colors. $9.96                                                                                         

QITAO® Kids Walkie Talkies– 2 Pack Portable Long Range UHF Radio- Many camps take away cell phones these days. Here’s a viable, low tech alternative to which they’re unlikely to object. Equipped with 22 channel PMR system with auto scan function, which allow the walkie talkies to find an open channel fast and mute the background noise. Simply press PTT key to talk, built-in microphone. Communicate over several kilometers free-of-charge(up to 3 km) in open areas. comes with LCD backlit display comes in handy at night as it provides high visibility to see if everything’s alright. Built-in LED torch can be used as both flash and emergency light. $15.99                                                                                                              

Adventure Kids Nature Exploration Kit– Includes: BINOCULARS: Made of High-Quality Shockproof Rubber these are easy to focus and resilient to accidental drops. COMPASS: Help them learn about the basics of direction and how to read maps. (A map of the camp would be great to include) Liquid Filled Design ensures optimal accuracy. Includes a hanging tab for belt loop or backpack.  LED FLASHLIGHT- Rechargeable Flashlight day or night. MAGNIFYING GLASS & BUTTERFLY NET: Pocket Size Magnifying Glass with X3 and X10 Magnifications. Perfect for Studying Insects, Rocks, Plants, Flowers, Bugs, Leaves. Butterfly Net captures insects and butterflies to examine. All in a convenient carry bag. (This is a play kit- not for older kids)  $24.95                                                                                                 

Bug Stuff- OK, this is strictly practical, but boy will they be grateful. Include something silly in the package as well

Left: 12 Pack Mosquito Repellent Bracelet Band– Avoid poisonous, smelly sticky solutions with these colorful bracelets- enough for a bunk of campers. Designed to protect from mosquitoes for up to 420 hours! $19.99   

Right: Nantucket Spider Summer Camp Bug Repellent for Kids (8 oz Spray Bottle)- Made with Essential Oils from Herbal Plants, DEET-free, No-Citronella. Vegan blend contains rosemary, geranium, lemongrass, clove, cedar wood, peppermint and spearmint oils. Leaves a light, refreshing and pleasant scent. Effectively repels ticks, no-see-ums, biting flies and other pests. A safe, yet potent bug repellent that feels and smells light and fresh. Fine-mist trigger sprayer delivers broad overall coverage creating an anti-insect barrier to repel various bugs. Featuring a locking trigger to prevent leakage & spills. $12.50    

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