Upgrade Your Bathroom II: Shower Curtains

Another inexpensive way to completely change décor. These are mostly a standard size, though some come in several sizes. Some arrive with hooks, others not.

Flowers (of course)      clockwise

Eucalyptus Leaf Shower Curtain: Hooks included. Machine washable polyester. 72” x 72”. Sale $19.19

Yellow Impatiens Flower Shower Curtain by Lorie: 100% high quality waterproof polyester material. 72” x 72” Sale $8.54 

Funnytree Floral Watercolor Flower Shower Curtain: Hooks included. Machine washable polyester. 72” x 72” $18.99

Floral Shower Curtain by RosieLily: 100% polyester, waterproof and a reinforced header that prevents tearing and ensures long-term functionality. 72” x 72” Water repellent. $ 23.99 

Haibimen Shower Curtain: Polyester. 72” 72”. Water repellent. $21.99

Laura Ashley Home – Charlotte Collection – Shower Curtain: Machine washable cotton. 72” x 72” Sale $26.23


Left: Yougai Shower Curtain: Waterproof. Machine washable polyester. 72” x 72”. $15.99

Right: Ikfashoni Marble Shower Curtain: Including hooks. 69” x 70” or 72” x 72”Waterproof polyester. $19.99

Not Shown:Natu2eco Marble Shower Curtain – in greens and browns $20.99 

Not Shown: Allenjoy Purple Marble Shower Curtain $19.99

No Print   clockwise

Lush Decor, Cotton/ Linen Button Shower Curtain: Machine washable cotton/linen blend. 72” x 72” Sale $24.38

Reisen White Shower Curtain Farmhouse Ruffle: 100% quick-dry polyester. The back base cloth is made by soft cloth and the front ruffles is made by sheer gauze. 72” x 72” $20.99

Lush Decor, Blush Riley Shower Curtain: Bow texture. Polyester. 72” x 72”. Sale $17.98

Image by Please Don’t sell My Artwork AS IS from Pixabay 

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