Winter Headgear

Cozy, warm and flattering

Trapper Hats    clockwise

Emy Padded Winter Hat by Diana Arno: Inspired by a traditional ushanka. Featuring large ear flaps and a toggle at the back to customise the fit. $227.00

Billie Trapper by Nooki Design: Faux fur trapper hat with ear flaps $100.00

Montreal Full Rabbit Fur Trappper Hat in Brown: Classic Russian Trooper Hat styling All fur exterior Quilted static resistant interior lining Ear flap ties secure the ear flaps up top, at back of head or under the chin Sale $62.97

Puff Trooper by Eric Javits: Also in grey and leopard. Soft, water- repellent quilt fabric lined with faux fur. Earflaps can be secured up or down using the Pom Pom ties. One size fits most. $450.00


Left: Russian Fur Hat: Polyester hat with faux fur band, pom poms and tails. LOTS of other colors. $117.18

Right: Raylene Fox Fur Roller Hat with Blue-iris Mink Top:Premium Fox Fur Genuine Mink Fur crown Wide Fox Fur band Quilted Nylon interior adds warmth and comfort One size fits all Sale $324.95

AND    clockwise

Demetria Reversible Puffer Balaclava by Eugenia Kim: Reversible white/black Drawcord detail. 100% polyester $325.00

Shearling Sheepskin Suede Hat with Fox Pom Pom: Waterproof breathable leather and wool.  Ear flaps can be secured up and down with snap. exterior side has a durable suede leather finish and the interior side is soft warm sheepskin wool. Sale $79.99

Toronto Hat: Shearing/Sheepskin.  Interior – Soft woolly shearling  Exterior –soft suede leather finish Floppy Hat Styling $109.95

Photo by freestocks on Unsplash

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