The Animals Speak to Lori Spagna

Lori Spagna first knew that she had a gift for animal communication when working as a dog trainer at a local high-kill animal shelter. Having been trained herself to bark practiced training commands, Lori had no need to think about how to manage the dogs. As she says, “My mind was completely empty, and at one point during the training session, I was working with one dog and I heard, in my mind, ‘You don’t have to push me. You don’t have to yank me.’” The dog communicated “Just listen to me and I will teach you,” and since then, after a lot of patience, practice and listening with her “inner mind,” Lori experienced success and breakthroughs. She now educates others on how to communicate with animals, here and in the afterlife, and how to heal them, through her radio shows, live Q & A’s, and appearances at events like the recent 2018 New Life Expo in Manhattan.

“I was always super sensitive,” Lori explains. Even in high school, she had a gift for intuitiveness, so much so that fellow students, even those she didn’t know, called her up because they said, “I gave good advice.” That was the beginning. After her work at the animal shelter, she opened her own dog training business and, wanting to try her hand at animal communication, placed an ad on Craigslist. “I received a call from a woman who asked for my help with her horse. I told her not to tell me anything about the horse, but to send me a picture. I did connect with the horse through the picture and said to it, “I will listen…what do you want to tell me.” In her mind, she heard, “I am stumped.” Which, to Lori, didn’t mean much. Then she heard, “Go below the knee.” Which didn’t help. Then, she heard, “There are bad people around me. They want to kill me. Tell them to go away.” Lori contacted the woman and relayed these messages. The woman said, yes, the horse did have a leg amputation, and she and the family were unsure about whether to euthanize the animal, or have a prosthetic leg created. Lori was able to tell her exactly what she needed to hear. The horse wanted to live. From that experience, Lori knew that she was given a gift, to not only help the animals she works with, but their human companions.

Animals, says Lori, have three purposes on this earth: To teach us to be loving and compassionate; to heal us, if domestic, or heal the earth, if wild. (The dolphins and whales are examples as their songs and vibrations are healing energies for the ocean); and to be companions for humans. Lori has picked up on a shared message from all animals in light of the widespread use of social media as a way to spotlight acts of animal cruelty. “Don’t pay attention, and don’t share these stories,” she warns. “These posts just deeply affect the animal lovers of the world, they drain and lower their energies and does nothing to help the situation.” Rather, she says, spread the more uplifting stories where animals are being rescued, are placed in loving forever homes, or retired to responsible sanctuaries.

For those who want to try their hand at animal communication with their pets, Lori offers these instructions:

  1. Use short, simple neutral messages, like “Let us be quiet.” Rather than “No barking.
  2. Label everything like you would working with a two year-old. “Water,” “shoes,” “outside.”
  3. Repeat comforting phrases, like, “You are safe. You belong here. You and I will have a long and happy life together.”
  4. Rather than shout “No!,” if they are jumping or excited, use a calming voice like “Let’s be calm.”
  5. Sit with your pet, be still and practice just listening with all your senses. It does take practice, but well worth it when you make that connection.

Photos courtesy of Lori Spagna

To learn more about Lori Spagna’s work with animal communication, visit her website. 

Now in its 29th years, The New Life Expo is “America’s longest-running holistic event.” It focuses on holistic enlightenment and conscious-living. Visit for details on upcoming events.

For those who would like to know more about becoming a Spiritually Minded Animal Lover, she is offering three eBooks:

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