Revealing the Mysteries of the Universe

This isn’t a story about the universe of Carl Sagan or Neil deGrasse Tyson, but the one that many believe is at work when we experience déjà vu, or when thinking about a loved one and then, poof, they call. It’s where some send their intentions to, or the thing they blame when something doesn’t go their way. I guess it wasn’t in the universe.  It’s not related to any religion, but it’s spiritual. While we’re not sure where it exists, we tend to look up and out when referencing it – Let’s put it out in the Universe. So, maybe it is connected to that big expanse of space, above the sun, moon, and stars. Or maybe it’s that little voice in our head that guides us.

According to the new book by spiritual writer Tammy Mastroberte, the Universe communicates to us daily, whether we’re aware or not. On the very first page, we read about the sign she immediately received as she sat down to write The Universe Is Talking to You: Tap Into Signs & Synchronicity to Reveal Magical Moments Every Day.” Having learned through a medium that her mother would leave her feathers, Mastroberte sees one on the sleeve of her sweater. 

Also spiritual teacher and online workshop host, Mastroberte has appeared in magazine articles, radio programs, and now provides tools on her site “to tame the chaos and find your happy place, even with a busy, messy life.”

We sat down with Mastroberte to discuss her book,  get deeper into the topic, ask why now,  and her most memorable Universe moment.   

We hear so much about the “Universe” and “manifesting” these days. Why do you think it’s becoming more pronounced? Are we more ready to hear it? Has the universe found new ways to communicate with us? Have sensitive humans, like yourself, become more able/willing/comfortable to discuss it?

I believe more and more people are waking up to the possibility of there being more to this physical world than they realized, and this has been increasing even in just the past ten years. As people experience tragedy or something negative in their lives that shakes them to the core, such as a health diagnosis, death of a loved one, or a divorce or break up, they begin to look for meaning, understanding and answers, and there is so much more information available around spirituality and non-denominational beliefs than there was years ago because as individuals go through these experiences and discover new tools and techniques, they are sharing this information through books, classes, etc. 

Today, we have mediums on television, and so many self-help practices that have become more mainstream as people have gone on their own individual journey of looking for more. In a way, we as a society have searched and brought these modalities and tools to the forefront, whether its meditation, yoga, breathing practices, mediumship, crystals or alternative healing. The Universe has always been communicating with us, and in turn we are communicating with it through out thoughts and emotions, which is where the manifesting piece comes in. But now we are waking up to this and learning how to do it consciously. 

I do believe people are more open to this information today because over time it has become more accepted. The more individuals who use these spiritual and self-help tools and practices and discover positive results, the more they share it with others, and the more people wake up to it. It’s been incredible to watch the awakening since I started on this path more than 20 years ago. 

Out of all the synchronicities you’ve experienced, which stands out as the one that gave you the most goosebumps?

I find synchronicity shows up in three different ways. Either the Universe is reassuring you that something you are thinking about doing is worth it and you should move forward, or it’s waking you up and trying to get your attention to do or pursue something that would be beneficial for you that is not on your radar, or it’s lining up events, opportunities and people to help get you where you are meant to go, and this last one is usually best seen when you look back to connect the dots. I have an exercise called Follow the Footsteps in The Universe is Talking to You, to help people do just that.

I’ve had so many synchronicities that blew my mind over the years that fall into each of these categories, and the first two I mentioned usually show up as repetition, meaning you see or hear about the same thing over and over. It could be the name of a book, doctor, healing modality or even a certain diet. One of the most incredible that literally had me looking around my office wondering what force was there with me was when the Universe was trying to get me to practice a Kundalini yoga meditation exercise called the Kirtan Kriya. It’s actually being studying by the Alzheimer’s Association for its benefits in improving memory, but it also helps to open intuition and so much more. 

It started with me reviewing a book for Elevated Existence Magazine, an online publication I founded in 2008 that is now in website only form. In the book, I read about the Kirtan Kriya, and I remembered hearing about it a while back and thinking at some point, I wanted to learn how to do it. But I never followed up. I made a mental note to look into it, and another week or so went by. Now, I’m in my office with a pile of books to look through and decide which I was going to highlight in the next issue of the magazine — I still release my monthly book picks online – and I picked up a book, flipped to a random page, and there was the Kirtan Kriya again. I thought, “Wow, I really need to look into this because it keeps popping up.” Literally, the next book I grabbed — that was a spiritual business book and had nothing to do with yoga and meditation — I flipped it open and staring at me again was the Kirtan Kriya. I said out loud to the Universe, “OK, I get it,” and stopped to look up how I could practice it. It’s now in the book The Universe is Talking to You, so I could teach it to others, and I absolute love doing it myself.

Tammy Mastroberte (Photo Credit: Sandra Nissen Photography, Summit, NJ.)

What has manifested for you as a result of this book?

My business has grown by leaps and bounds, and I’m constantly moved by the people who reach out to me through email and social media to tell me how the book has changed their life or affirmed to them what they knew inside. It’s reassured me that I am on the right path and made me excited to continue to teach. It’s helped me to grow my audience, reach more people with my message, and expand my business with more online classes, one-on-one client sessions and more. Now, I’m working on my next book, and can’t wait to get it into the world. 

You mention in the book that you always questioned everything, and all of the spiritual influences you experienced from a young age on, do you feel you were being prepared to write this book? What a journey you’ve taken.

One hundred percent know and believe that everything that happened to me in my life up until now — and that continues to happen to me each day — is meant for me to share it with other people to help improve their lives. There have been so many synchronicities I can trace back that set me up to be a writer, work in the magazine industry, start my own magazine, become a spiritual teacher with my own tools and techniques, and eventually write this book. Even my mother’s sudden death when I was 22 years old, that I share about in The Universe is Talking to You, was meant to happen and it catapulted me into this world and led me on the path I am on today. 

That is why I firmly believe there are no accidents or coincidences in life. There are only events or circumstances we have not yet found the meaning for — but it’s always there. The Universe doesn’t make mistakes. And in a way, neither can we because it is always re-routing us to get us back on the path we are meant to be on for our highest good.

There are so many exercises to suggest to our readers. Is there one that you can suggest for our readers/parents who have children?  What would be a good way to start off the discussion around the dinner table?  

I think the best place to start with kids is to teach them how to tame their own chaos, overwhelm and stress so they can spend more time in the present moment where all the subtle signs and communications from the Universe occur. Teach them to take what I call 60-Second Reset or Retreat Breaks, throughout their day or when they feel upset or stressed. 

They can simply close their eyes and repeat a mantra for 60-seconds, such as “Release,” or “Relax,” or “Let Go.” I would explain that when they are feeling fear, anger or upset, the Universe, God, Source, angels or whatever label you want to give it, is trying to help us and send us the answers, but we need to get into a calmer state to receive them. Then we can have the idea pop into our head or see something on television that gives us the answer. The answers are always there. We just need to remove some of the interference of us receiving or hearing them. 

For more information, visit Tammy’s website.

The Lake Shrine photo at top was provided by the author.

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