Stephanie Fleming’s Plan A Happy Life

They say that happiness cannot be contained in a box. Well, I’m not really sure if someone actually said that, but the point is, it can indeed be contained in a box because as I write this, there is one right in front of me. The delightful and cheery cardboard container overflows with a whole bunch of happy things: stickers, a brightly colored zippered bag, notepad, yearly planner, and a copy of the new book, Plan A Happy Life, by Stephanie Fleming, which comes out this month. These colorful and attractive items are all available at, an online business founded by Fleming who was – and continues to be — on her own journey to happy. 

A self-proclaimed “creative entrepreneur, author, wellness seeker and lifelong optimist,” Fleming’s mission is not to give her followers the recipe for happiness, but the tools, prompts, and encouragement to uncover what gives them joy and purpose  Her biggest belief is that one must first define what is desired, then make a path to get there. 

She’s also the ultimate inspiration since it’s not all been rainbows and unicorns. Fleming shares her own tough times battling depression, suffering through a broken marriage, and sky-high bills. Of this she says, “I’ve found the happy life I was searching for. Not perfect, not sunshine every moment but happy at its foundation.” What helped get her there was a revelation she had while watching her son play soccer, she had a vision to create stickers for the scrapbooking rage going on at the time. She, and her mom, were ready for a change, and they took the leap of faith to start their own company, “me & my BIG ideas.”  Twenty-two years later, it is now a leading brand, was featured on the Today Show, and offers loads of happy-related products to match every mood, age, and intention.  

Some of the “find your own happy” exercises Fleming shares include:  

  • If you had an hour, a whole day, an entire week to yourself, what would you do? What would make your soul sing?
  • What are some new things you would like to try, and then categorizes them into big things, little things, things for you, things for others.
  • Create a playlist that makes you feel creative, peaceful, inspired, energized, and ready to change the world.
  • Note down something each day that gives one joy. And if you need some ideas, Fleming provides these: watching a sunrise or sunset, helping someone, being still with your own thoughts, or taking time to linger and savor the blessings found in each day.

Throughout the book, readers can make notes, doodle, and dream big.  Fleming’s down to earth approach is simply that happy is within reach for all of us.  

For more inforemation, go to the website for The Happy Planner.

Photos courtesy of The Happy Planner

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