Woman Around Town: Wendy Pittman—Oh Baby!

Wendy Pittman is taking the girl’s fashion apparel market by storm with her company My Bougie Baby. With appearances on FOX-5 DC News, Atlanta’s Radio Station V 103 FM, Sister II Sister Magazine, and many other national media outlets, the über-talented Washington D.C. entrepreneur is a trend setter to watch.

Wendy was inspired to start her company after shopping with her daughter Tiffani Rae. Rather than fun-filled mother-daughter outings, finding fashionable age-appropriate clothes for Tiffani Rae became tedious. Wendy did her research, scouring boutiques, online stores, and specialty shops to put together outfits for her daughter that were youthful, trendy, and fresh. Friends began to rave about Tiffani Rae’s tasteful, high-end wardrobe that seemed to be right off the runway. Close friends affectionately nicknamed Tiffani Rae a “Bougie Baby” and urged Wendy to start her own fashion line for young girls. My Bougie Baby launched in April 2011.

Wendy’s business background proved critical to the success of My Bougie Baby. After graduating from the University of Maryland, Wendy worked for the United Parcel Service and for a medical aesthetics company, winning numerous awards for sales and customer service. Her close friends, including Maggy Francois, a fashion event coordinator, Sonya Lowery of World Next Door and Heart & Soul Magazine, and Andrea Rodgers of AskMissA, have been tapped for their expertise. Wendy says that she is honored to be in the company of these women and that they continue to influence her career.

Wendy stages runway shows worthy of New York’s Fashion Week to debut each new collection for My Bougie Baby. Crowds applaud the models, ages four to fourteen, who stomp the catwalk with confidence. Wendy even holds seasonal modeling contests for new faces to strut their stuff. The girls are poised and exude the creative vision Wendy has in mind. Tiffani Rae is also a Bougie Baby model and can be seen in the company’s national ad campaigns. Those who attend one runway show leave in awe of the girls, the clothes, and the vision put forth by Wendy. The My Bougie Baby Fashion Show has become a staple at the annual Baby Bash and Bling Lifestyle Expo and Show.

My Bougie Baby has a signature style that can be defined as urban chic with a European twist. Clean lines, soft colors, and artistic shapes are beautifully crafted, from a ruffled skirt to cute T-shirts. Entering the company’s website is like stepping into a high end boutique with the editorial images captured by Phelan Marc Photography. Pieces compliment each other without being too matchy-matchy or overdone. Prices range from $18 to $100 with customers extolling the fashion line’s quality and feel of exclusivity. There are great signature pieces, like the Martha skirt. Sizes accommodate most body types.

Wendy continues to lend her support to the University of Maryland and other philanthropic endeavors. She serves as vice president for Courage for Kids, works with the Washington Hospital Transplant Team, and is heavily involved with United Communities Against Poverty. Besides their daughter, Tiffani Rae, Wendy and her husband, Eric, have a son, Chris, who attends Howard University and takes part in his mother’s business and community activities.

Wendy’s tenacity has conquered not only business obstacles but personal challenges as well. A few years ago, Eric needed a kidney transplant at a time when the donor list was sparse. Wendy decided to become a donor, even though she was told she wasn’t a match. New medical technology, and Wendy’s perseverance, helped bring about a transplant for Eric.

When I asked Wendy what keeps her motivated she replied, “Faith, my family, and the people around me. They are a blessing…”

Wendy is working on additional designs for My Bougie Baby, including surprises for the remainder of 2012. With back-to-school coming up, check out the website before you shop. Wendy’s ambition and dedication is inspirational. Her motto: “Regardless of anything…give your best!” resonates every time.

Be sure to visit the My Bougie Baby website

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