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Dolphin Cove

Five Things You Must Do While In Jamaica


Jamaica is one of the most wonderfully diverse holiday destinations on the entire planet. It offers a unique mix of nature; if you are looking for a place to go on your next holiday, look no further than a Jamaica vacation because it has everything that you need for your next holiday. Think of great beaches, amazing food, relaxed people and nature to go with it. Here are some things that you can’t miss while in Jamaica.

Dunn’s River Falls

Located just outside Ocho Rios, these amazing falls run along the river in a spectacular fashion. Each fall is stepped like a staircase and you can actually climb them as the flowing water is not too strong. It still pays to be careful here, because there are some slippery rocks and you could lose your footing. This is where a guide can come in handy, as they have done this a thousand times and know exactly what to do. This is not only a stunning sight, but also very interesting because there is nothing like these falls. Naturally, this brings a lot of tourists along with it but something like this should not be missed if you are in Jamaica.

Enjoy seven miles of beach

What would you call a beach that is seven miles long? Seven Mile Beach, of course, and this is without a doubt one of the best on the entire island. It has all the classic elements of a great beach, such as the white sands and the clear turquoise waters that you often see in pictures! Of course, the fact that it is seven miles long also means that you should be able to find a nice spot for yourself.  Sunrise and sunset are definitely things that you need to experience somewhere along Seven Mile Beach and no words in a blog post can accurate describe it. There are endless restaurants and people selling snacks and drinks and best of all live Reggae! Mix all of this with a nice cocktail and you have all the ingredients for a great time here.

Swim with the dolphins

This is one thing that many people aspire to do at least once in their lives and Dolphin Cove is the perfect place to see dolphins up close and swim with these intelligent creatures. The cove itself is not too far from Ocho Rios and you can learn so much about the dolphins as well as the other types of wildlife here, too. You are also able to see Caribbean reef sharks, stingrays and much more. Of course, if you don’t feel like swimming there are always the beaches and the rainforests to relax in, too!

Go for a hike in the Blue Mountains

Jamaica definitely has more to it than just beaches and great food. It also offers extremely beautiful nature and the Blue Mountains are just one great example of this. The Blue Mountains loom over the island and can be seen for many miles around, especially because they rise about 2200 meters above sea level on the eastern part of the island. Heading to the Blue Mountain Peak is a great experience and a little tough physically, but well worth the effort. When you reach the top you will be presented with amazing views of the ocean, Kingston and the lush greenery.

Visit the home of Bob Marley

There is no question about it, Bob Marley is the undisputed king of reggae and his legacy on the reggae scene will live forever. He is an absolute legend and going to visit his home is the ultimate pilgrimage when in Jamaica. Marley was born and raised in the small village of Nine Mile, far from the reaches of the Jamaican capital, Kingston. Here you can learn a bit more about Marley’s life and how he came to be a musician, as well as touring his home where he lived up until his death. Naturally all the tours are conducted by Rastafarian people, which is definitely a nice touch, too.

Go rafting

Rio Grande is the perfect place to head out and get a taste of adventure with some rafting, which is a little bit of a contrast to Jamaica’s relaxed atmosphere. It just goes to show you that there really is something for everyone here. The interesting bamboo rafts are a great way to see the plantations, gorges and stones that line the river. It is a beautiful experience and always very peaceful.

Doctor’s Cave Beach

This beautiful beach is located on Montego Bay and it gets its name from an old legend that the waters of the beach had magical healing powers. Whether or not this was ever true is still debated, however there is no doubt that this is one of the most beautiful beaches on the island. The waters are a stunning turquoise color the beach is ideal for swimming or relaxing. A number of restaurants are very close by, making it is a great place to spend the day, eat the local cuisine and then head back to the beach. What could be better than that? The beach also forms part of the Montego Bay Marine Park and is the perfect place for snorkelers to see the coral reefs and the marine wildlife that lives there.

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