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Why Everyone Should Get a Part-Time Job


Whether you have a dream and want to pursue it or you’re lost and have no idea what to do the answer is to get a part-time job.

The way the world works is changing and yet some things remain the same. One mainstay of growth in these turbulent times is the value of part-time work. Perhaps more importantly is that the role part-time work plays in our lives is on the verge of becoming more prominent. I see part-time work as central to the new economy with many of us working for various entities in “full-time-part-time” scenarios in the future. Imagine having three part-time jobs that add up to more money and satisfaction than one full-time job.

Harness the powers of a part-time job by closely examining what a part-time job really is. Let’s leave all preconceived notions behind and view a part-time job as any effort you make outside of your full-time job. It doesn’t have to be something awful and it doesn’t have to even be a real job when you start doing it. For example, consider starting your own business as a part-time job and you will see what I mean.

Why is part-time work the answer?

Opportunity. If you take a part-time job in an area you want to go into, it gives people a chance to see your work without taking on all of the full-time employee costs.

Networking. Almost every part-time job means growing your network outside of the usual suspects.

Learning. Use a part-time experience to learn ANYTHING. Constant learning is critical in today’s work world.

Money. Oh yeah, that too.

Mini JobWho should work part-time?

Everyone. But of course I don’t mean CEOs and millionaires, right? Wrong. Here’s a little secret CEOs and millionaires know–they already have part-time jobs. Most successful people don’t leave their big time positions at 5 o’clock and go sit on the couch at night. They serve on multiple corporate Boards, give speeches at schools, help non-profits, and may even run other companies.

You. I know you don’t have time, you don’t know where to begin, and it all feels overwhelming. Those are problems you can overcome. Trust me, if you just start thinking differently about many of these obstacles they will soon crumble. The first thing you need to do is to not hear “part-time job” and feel it’s a bad thing. For two weeks straight allow yourself to think of a part-time job as something fun.

How to work part-time?

Follow your passion. This is your chance to do something you like. So do it. If you like knitting, sell knitted socks. If you love bowling, write advice on how to win and post it online. If you make the best apple pies, start selling them around the holidays. Don’t take on a part-time job you hate unless you promise yourself it is only a stepping stone.

Start small. Don’t quit your day job. Use your weekends wisely. Work long hours? That’s okay, start your own business by paying attention to it for 20 minutes per day, every single day. Like compound interest, it will add up.

Help someone. Find a need and fill it. Drive an older person to the grocery store. Fix someone’s leaky faucet. Give fashion advice to the prom crowd. Helping others is the best way to help you.

Changing the way you think of part-time work is the first step in pursuing your passions, career advancement, and personal growth. In 20 minutes a day you can launch a new world of opportunities. This is how the world works.

Jason Veduccio is the author of The New American Dreamer: How to Land That Ideal Job in a Nightmare Economy. Click to buy.