WAT-CAST: Linda Lajterman Talks About Life After You and 19 Daniel Highway

Four years ago this month, Linda Lajterman’s son, Danny, died from a drug overdose. A month after his death, she wrote a Facebook post warning other families to be more vigilant. Her message was clear: “If it could happen to my family, it could happen to yours.” The response was overwhelming. She received messages not only from her New Jersey community, but also from people all over the world, a signal that the drug epidemic was widespread. She wrote a book, Life After You: What Your Death from Drugs Leaves Behind, which she hoped would scare teens and young adults to stay away from drugs. Once again, she heard from many people who credited the book with turning around many lives. The Lajterman’s experience is the inspiration of a feature film, 19 Daniel Highway, which will be directed by George Valencia, and star David Zayas, Florencia Lozano, and Judy Reyes. Charlene Giannetti, who published Linda’s book through her company, WAT-AGE Publishing, talks with Linda in this podcast interview. Click to listen.  If you’d like to make a tax deductible donation to the film, click here.