Marti Sichel

Marti Davidson Sichel is incredibly pleased by her good fortune to join such an impressive lineup of talented contributors. A voracious reader from her earliest years, her parents were more than once called to the principal’s office to discuss her overly advanced free-reading materials. (They loved that.) Exposure to all of those big words clearly left a mark. After a brief dalliance with poetry in college (everyone experiments in college), the acquisition of an English degree and several years spent working to change other people’s words, Marti was positively brimming over with words of her own. Her background and interests lean heavily toward the scientific, but she has always had a huge place in her heart for all things theatrical, which has come to serve her well. A 2014 New York Press Club award winner (for excellence in journalism, sub-category Entertainment News, sub-category Internet), Marti finds the schlep in from Connecticut as exciting as ever. When not editing or writing (and even sometimes when editing or writing), Marti often can be found with her headphones firmly in place. If she’s not singing along, it’s either NPR or the BBC or a comedy interview podcast.

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