Shopping Around

Hostess/Host Gifts

Lucky enough to be a guest at someone’s summer house? Flowers don’t cut it. Wine might- you know your hosts. Or be clever with [...]

July 18, 2019


No, baby, tell me why don’t you?/Oh, now, baby, tell me why don’t you/aw, make me some of your fine famous Bar-B-Q?   [...]

July 5, 2019

Non Bridal White

White is cooler, great with a tan, natural or crayon-colored accessories, red lipstick; crisp/soft. On Trend Lace/Crochet  left to right [...]

July 4, 2019

Non-October ORANGE

You’ll see a lot more orange this season. Maybe it’s just the color’s turn- whether coral, pumpkin, or neon, it’s in. Floral Tie [...]

June 27, 2019

Contemporary Styling

The Interesting Dress   left to right Señorita Dress by Juan Vidal: Sexy. Low cut bodice paired with a full skirt which [...]

June 16, 2019

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