Living Around

Madrid: The City of “Art”

Ernest Hemingway has called Madrid “the most Spanish of all cities, the best to live in, the finest people, month in, month out the [...]

December 22, 2019

Hawks – Predators in the Sky

Hawks are known for their talons, curved bill and sturdy legs. They can dive at up to 150 miles per hour and can snare prey in the air or [...]

December 17, 2019

Central Park Ducks

Last year, Central Park was set a twitter (no pun intended) by the unexpected presence of a mandarin duck – which had no business being [...]

December 9, 2019

Wrens – Small but Feisty

Wrens are scrappy little birds, and cute, with a loud and cheerful song.  Their French name is “troglodyte familier,” as it comes down [...]

December 7, 2019

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