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Hal Glatzer is a performer, journalist, novelist and playwright. He has been singing all his life. Nowadays, he plays guitar and sings from "the Great American Songbook"the hits of Tin Pan Alley and Broadway. Hal started in journalism in the 1970s as a daily newspaper reporter, and moved into TV news. But he focused on the rise of the computer industry, and stayed on that beat until the mid-'90s when, ironically, the internet killed the market for high-tech journalists. So he turned to writing mystery fiction, starting with a tale of a hacker who gets in trouble with organized crime. He next wrote a series featuring a working musician in the years leading up to World War II, whose gigs land her in danger. During the pandemic, he penned some new adventures of Sherlock Holmes. His stage plays are mysteries too: one with Holmes and one with Charlie Chan. More often, though, he writes (and produces) audio-plays, performed in old-time-radio style. A grateful product of the New York City public schools, including Bronx Science, he moved away from the city for many years, but returned in 2022 to live on his native island, Manhattan.

Orson Casts a Long Shadow

Picture this theatrical dream-team of 1960: Eugène Ionesco’s antifascist parable Rhinoceros, starring Laurence Olivier and Joan [...]

March 17, 2024

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