10 Things To Do After You Graduate College

Although graduating from college is a wonderful achievement to be proud of, it can also leave you feeling a little lost. After getting used to spending so much of your time towards earning your qualifications, the world is now your oyster. Where do you start?

It’s important to think about what your next steps should be. Some people want to dive straight into work while others may need a break in between. Here’s some inspiration if you’re thinking about what your next move should be.

Keep Studying

Just because you’ve finished college, it doesn’t mean you have to stop there. If you’ve enjoyed learning over the last few years, you could consider continuing your education. Post graduate degrees are highly valued all over the world. 

The more qualifications you have, the better positioned you’ll be to get your dream job when you’re ready to start working. Talk to your college about continuing study and funding further education.

Spend Time At Home

This could be your last opportunity to spend time at home and do the things you enjoy. When you enter a full time job, you may not have the luxury of time to spend with loved ones or time to be creative. It’s also an excellent way to decompress and think about your goals for the future.

If you live at home with parents, this is the best time to save some money for things you may need. For example, a car or paying back student loans.

Take A Gap Year

If you’re able to, now is a fantastic time to travel. Taking a year out to travel the world isn’t just about taking a well-earned break. It will give you the opportunity to learn more about culture but most importantly, learn more about yourself.

Taking time to evaluate how far you’ve come and think about what you want from life will help you set a direction. Many people find that what they originally thought they wanted from life and their careers changed after seeing the world.


Volunteering is the best way to get your foot through the door when you know what career or industry you want to work in. Showing that you’re willing to work for free to learn about the job will give future employers an indication of your enthusiasm. Where many roles are concerned, experience is just as valuable as qualifications.

If you can bring practical and theoretical knowledge to the table, you’re far more likely to get the job than your peers. You can spend as much or as little time as you like in voluntary positions.


Internships are another fantastic opportunity to gain insight into your chosen industry at entry level. However, you will get paid for an internship. Although it may not be much, getting paid something is better than getting paid nothing as you learn.

Internships also offer the chance for you to explore the world. For instance, you can boost your CV at Beyond Academy Tokyo Internships and experience living in Tokyo at the same time. It’s an ideal option for anyone who wants to work and travel after graduation.

Start Your Own Business

There’s nothing wrong with forging your own path when you can’t find a path that’s quite right for you. If you’ve been wracking your brain trying to figure out which career best suits you to no avail, you could be perfect as an entrepreneur. Do you have a particular skill that you could sell?

Perhaps your passions could be of use to other people. If you love to be creative, you can take that with you into your business.

Seasonal Work

Seasonal work is another great way to spend part of the year taking a break and part of it earning money. If you like spending time outdoors or you like to be active outdoors, this could be the perfect choice for you. Activity centers are always looking for qualified kayakers and canoers to tutor groups in the spring and summer months.

It’s also the ideal time for lifeguard jobs on a beach or even selling ice-cream at the local parlor. If your area gets lots of tourism during the summer months, seasonal work could be an easy find.

Teach English

Are you proficient in English? Perhaps you gained an English qualification while you were studying. There are many tutoring jobs available all across the world. Whether you want to travel or work from home, tutoring is a flexible option.

You could travel to another country and help students learn how to speak English in schools. You could have conversations with students online to improve their written and verbal skills allowing you to set your own schedule from home. English is a global language that people need to learn to improve their prospects so it can be lucrative to teach.

Work At Your College or University

There may be opportunities available to work at your college or university when you graduate. As a graduate, you’ll have extensive knowledge of the school that can help new students. Whether you’re giving tours to prospects or helping students to settle in, there are a range of roles suited to graduates.

You may even be able to use your skills to improve the administration at your college or coordinate student events. It’s worth asking about these jobs as soon as you graduate so you don’t miss out.

Graduate Jobs

If you want to start working and progressing in your career as soon as you graduate, graduate jobs are the best place to start. You may need to apply for graduate opportunities before you take your final exams because they can be very competitive. These jobs are an excellent way to get your foot in the door and be seen by influential people.

Graduate roles allow you to network in the right circles and make connections for your future.

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