10 Ways to Prevent your Foundation from Rubbing Off

Foundation is a great makeup tool to help your face to look smashing! It comes in a few variants namely, liquid and powder, and you can choose a shade that works for your skin tone. But did you know that there are ways in which you can prevent your foundation from rubbing off? Yes, you read that correctly. Many individuals are after their face makeup lasting a full day or for the entire time they are out. This can be difficult, but with the right foundation, you can make it happen, and we’ve got the lowdown on just how you can do it.  

Don’t touch your face

This is a big one as, according to research, a person touches their face at least 23 times in one hour. That is insane! Not only do we collect several types of germs and bacteria on our hands, but these bacteria can also be physically harmful to us and our faces. When you are wearing foundation or any other makeup for that matter, you often tend to touch your face, especially if you have an itch. Simply don’t do this. You are more than likely going to rub your foundation off.  

Wear less foundation

Contrary to widespread belief, applying more foundation does not mean better coverage. And one way to prevent your foundation from rubbing off with this trick is to apply less foundation than you usually would. If you are generous in your application process, now is the time to limit the amount you use. You should consider strategically applying your foundation instead.  

Use setting spray

There are benefits to setting spray. Firstly, it keeps your foundation in place all day. Secondly, you can use it midway through the day to give your foundation and overall makeup a fresh look, and lastly, it prevents your face from looking cakey. However, using a setting spray can be tricky; remember to spray at least 7 inches away from your face to avoid the mist dissolving your makeup.

Use a foundation that lasts all day

Try finding and using a foundation that has staying power. In most cases, if your foundation can last an entire day, it will be harder for it to rub off. Now, this can be liquid or powder; it depends on what works for you. While you can choose between the type of foundation that works for you, in general, liquids, creams, and bolts have better persistence.  

Use an oil-free moisturizer first

This is a great trick to use. Find a moisturizer that is oil-free, then apply it to your face. Wait at least 10 minutes before you apply your foundation. This allows the moisturizer to absorb into your face. Remember, the less oil, the less chance your foundation will rub off.

Invest in hydrating your skin

If you have dry skin, you must avoid using any alcohol-based moisturizer. Instead, opt for creams that use glycerin or hyaluronic acid. What this does is lock in the moisture in your skin, therefore, allowing your foundation to stay in place. Excess moisture can cause your foundation to become runny during the day, which in turn causes it to rub off.  

Use a primer before applying your foundation

Many people skip this step in the makeup application process. The simple thing to remember here is that applying primer before applying your foundation will ensure that your foundation sticks to your face.  

Set your foundation with powder

Just like the primer, the powder helps your foundation to stick to your face. What’s also great here is that you can choose a powder that matches your skin tone to add even more coverage- killing two birds with one stone, WINNING!

Photo from rawpixel.com