13 Hobbies You Can Enjoy Both Indoors or Outdoors

Hobbies are a worthwhile pastime for people of all ages. Too often, parents stress about keeping their children busy with piano lessons, dance practice, and joining the local baseball team while forgetting that they also can take advantage of the mental health benefits of a hobby. Starting a new hobby has been scientifically proven to reduce blood pressure, depression, and signs of dementia. If you are trying to find a new hobby that you can enjoy all year, both indoors or outdoors, then have a look through our list below.


You will be hard-pressed to find a hobby as enjoyable as reading. Curling up on the sofa with a great book is an incredible pastime. Whether you still like old-school books with pages or prefer to carry around a library of classics on your Kindle, you will never be bored with a book in your purse.


Most people associate cooking as being an indoor hobby. However, outdoor cooking also has a significant following. Rather than throwing some burgers on the barbeque every weekend, you could learn about smoking or campfire cooking. The best part about diving into cooking as a hobby is that your friends and family will appreciate all the fantastic and exciting new food choices.

Learn a language

Have you always wanted to speak French? Maybe you would like to be able to converse with your grandmother in her native language? Whether you want to travel or merely to acquire a new skill, learning a language is a superb use of your time. There are options to learn indoors via your Alexa or Google Assistant. Once you are outside, you use the audiobook through your headphones to walk and learn simultaneously.


Although most people have a preference for where they meditate, you can do it from anywhere and at any time. Meditation can help you maintain focus and reduce negative emotions. It can take a surprising amount of skill to sit and do what appears to be nothing.


The scope of what you can do when volunteering is so vast that anyone, at any age, can take part. Whether you only have a few hours, days or a month to help out, there is always something that can be done. Some people prefer to join structured volunteer programs through their children’s school, church, or a local charity organization. However, don’t discount finding your own volunteering opportunities. This might mean offering to walk your elderly neighbor’s dog or simply dedicating an afternoon to chat with them.


Knitting might seem old-fashioned, but there is something special about being able to make your own scarf, beanie, or sweater. The stress-reducing benefits of knitting are making this hobby surprisingly popular amongst the younger generation and men.


There are so many types of crochet that we can’t imagine ever getting bored of this hobby. Japanese Amigurumi crochet is really taking off with pictures flooding social media of adorable children’s toys and realistic celebrity-inspired dolls. The Celts can claim Aran crochet, which is a more common type of cabled crochet used for scarves and blankets. There are even crochet styles for making baskets, lace and delicate micro crocheting for those with a high degree of patience. 


Puzzles of all types are a great way of keeping your mind active. Whether you prefer crossword puzzles, Sudoku, or jigsaws, you can equally pass the time indoors or out. Puzzles can be done either on your own or with friends and family helping out.


Coloring is not just for kids. Adults can enjoy this calming hobby now too, and since there is very little skill involved, you can start right away. There is a massive collection of adult coloring books available, whether you are into fantasy, designs, or something a bit more niche.


Online cycling programs with Peloton and Zwift have gained a massive following in the last few years. No longer does cycling need to be done exclusively outdoors or on a lonely stationary bike. You can now link online with friends and compete against people all over the world on different courses. You’ll be fitter and more motivated once the sun comes out to get outdoors as well.


Gardening is a hobby with a massive amount of scope for learning on the go while diving into different techniques. Often, people get their first glimmer of a green thumb with a cactus or spider plant. While keeping their flora alive might be enough for some people, others still start to dabble in propagation and even cross-breeding. Houseplants can be enjoyed year-round, and avid gardeners can set up a simple greenhouse to extend their season. Once the weather warms up, you’ll be able to move your hobby outdoors and make your yard the envy of the neighborhood.


Juggling is one of those rare hidden talents that might look a bit nerdy, but it draws a crowd. You need to use both sides of your brain when juggling, with the more complex moves requiring excellent spatial recognition and hand-eye coordination. Moreover, juggling can be a fantastic exercise when using weighted objects, higher throws, or leg lifts. You can master your juggling techniques indoors and then move outside during nicer weather. Who knows, you may find yourself being asked to entertain a children’s party!

Board Games

For those looking for a more social hobby, board games can be a fantastic way of bringing individuals together. In the chilly winter months, you can host board game evenings at your home, complete with plenty of hot chocolate or wine. In the summer, you can move over to the backyard or park. Just have a look at the popularity of outdoor Chess and Checkers games in Central Park!

Finding a hobby that you can enjoy year-round is a challenge. In the winter, sitting on the couch and snuggling under a blanket with your fuzzy slippers on is ideal. In the summer, you likely want to take advantage of the sunshine and have something to do while the kids are running around at the park. We hope that you’ve found at least one hobby that piques your interest.

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