3 Top Fashion Tips for New Moms This Year

When you’re a busy mom, plenty of other things get pushed to the sidelines. In some cases, this can mean putting your education on hold or sacrificing a great career opportunity. Even day-to-day, there are a lot of things you just don’t have time for — or forget about entirely.

With childcare, work, errands and so much stuff to do around the house, all mothers — especially new mothers — usually feel like time is passing by at warp speed. You would be excused if you didn’t always find time in the day to look your best — or even care about looking your best!

Nevertheless, even the small things can make a big difference in how you feel. After a long, hard week, cleaning up, putting on an outfit and just looking in the mirror might be all it takes to remind yourself that you still have an obligation to treat yourself from time to time.

With that in mind, here are three fashion tips for new moms to embrace.

1. Staying Comfortable

One key to getting out of those maternity clothes and back into some more respectable outfits is not trying too hard. You want to look good — but you don’t want to feel overly constrained either.

Fortunately, there’s no time like the present to match comfort with style. There are some legitimate fashion-forward athleisure options on the market, not to mention big, comfy sweaters or hoodies to kick off fall.

Look, you’re still a new mom, so don’t feel like you have to dress to the nines with tight skirts, perfectly pressed shirts, tight belts and high heels. Just focus on creating fresh looks with some new fashion options that work for you.

2. Feeling Confident

It can be difficult to feel confident when you’re a new mom, especially with a baby coughing up on you half the day, your hair looking a mess and your face showing all the lost hours of sleep deprivation. That makes it all the more important to try!

Really, what’s a better feeling — and make you temporarily forget you’re a mom — than wearing a sleek bra and panty set? Even if you’re only doing it for yourself, wearing something sexy and seductive can bring back that little pep in your step that you may have thought you lost forever.

3. Considering Practicality

If you’re going out to buy a few new items, you’ll want to make sure they’re things you love. At the same time, you will continue to have these new mom duties for years to come. In that vein, it makes a lot of sense to keep an eye out for practicality in all your style.

Simply put: Know that pockets are your new best friend; you can never have too many. Sneakers and shoes that you can walk in all day are another lifesaver, and there are countless options that are also stylish. Try not to wear things with buckles, large metal buttons or any other objects that might get in the way when rearing the little one. Remember: Safety first, even in fashion.

Fashion a Mom Can Love

Being a new mom is incredibly hard. One less-discussed but almost universal hurdle is losing your sense of self. It’s made even worse by the guilt you might feel for being upset by something so “small.” However, one way to combat this challenge is by putting in at least a little bit of effort into your personal style.

It really can help. Just remember to stay comfortable, do your best to keep feeling confident, and don’t forget that practicality will always be important for a mom.

Having your own style is one great way to preserve your identity. Now, you’ll likely feel lost in these first months and maybe even years. But if you start with a little planning and do it right, you don’t have to sacrifice your personal style just because you have a new bundle of joy to care for and raise.

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