4 Interesting Apps for Kids: Child Safety Tips

You want the best for your child, whether it’s shoes, clothes, education, school, friends, or anything! So, why let them use useless apps and content online? 

You must find the appropriate apps for your child’s specific age. As kids grow, their interests change. 

There are many interesting apps for kids, but let’s discuss a few that you may find interesting. These apps can help the kids learn while entertaining them at the same time. 

Let’s dig in. 

#1. Khan Academy App

Khan Academy is a non–profit educational organization that offers students free educational material and courses. The interactive app is excellent for children to learn. 

Kids can play games, learn Math, English, and much more! It’s suitable for kids of all ages. 

Even adults can learn from it. 

Consider downloading this app if you want to have a fun time with kids while learning. The beauty of the content is that it’s easy to grasp the concepts. So, if your kid is complaining about Math, this app can help. 

#2. YouTube Kids 

Instead of downloading YouTube on your phone, consider YouTube Kids, as it’s designed for kids. 

When you download the app, you will be asked your child’s age. The app suggests content based on your child’s age. 

You can also set a limit for screen time. Once the screen time is over, the kid can know it’s time to return the smart device to mom or dad! YouTube Kids is an interesting app as it can entertain the kids while teaching them the alphabet, numbers, art and crafts, solar system, and much more! 

So, you can download YouTube Kids if you don’t want the kids to access YouTube. 

#3. ABC Mouse App

ABC Mouse is an early learning academy for children between 2 and 8. The app is designed to be interactive for small kids. The app would help the kids learn while having fun. 

However, you have to pay to access the content of the app. You can also opt for a free trial. Whether you want to pay or consider the free apps is up to you! But you can always go for a free trial and see if your kids like it. 

#4. Epic 

Epic is an online reading and learning platform. There are also audiobooks! 

You can opt for the basic version or consider the paid one. There is a monthly plan and an annual plan. 

The books on the Epic app would enlighten your child’s mind. So, your kid age 12 or under would love this app if they are fond of reading and books. 

Kids interested in creative writing can take advantage of this app! There are numerous books to read, but you have limited books in the free version. 

You can also ask your school or library if they allow free student access. See if it helps! 

Tips to Keep for Kids Apps 

While there are many apps for kids, you must see your kid’s interests and hobbies. 

Consider the following:

  • Spend some time exploring the apps for your child’s age. Find apps that your kid would love! 
  • Ask other parents to recommend you an app. If they are using an app to help their kid, you can consider it too! 
  • Let others know if you find an interesting app for your child’s age.
  • Always check the content of the apps. You never know what’s not age appropriate. So, it’s best to filter the content to be safe. 
  • Keep an eye on the contacts your child adds to their phone book. A reverse lookup app can reveal the true identity of an unknown contact.
  • You can opt for free apps, but there is a risk of advertisements, and you don’t know the content of the online ads. So, your supervision would be compulsory. 
  • Opt for the free trials, and if your kid loves the app and it’s worth the cost, then why not pay for it? 
  • Let your kids know the safety rules when accessing the apps or using the smart device with these apps on it. Discuss the dos and don’t in advance. 

What works for one child may not work for the other. So, if you hear positive reviews and find comments that favor an app, there is no guarantee that your kid would love it too. But you can always try! 

Wrapping It Up 

There are many interesting apps for kids, but you must filter the best ones. There are free apps, but there is always the risk of online advertisements, and there are also paid apps. You can go for the free trials and see if your kid loves an app! If the app is amazing, get it! 

Photo by cottonbro studio at Pexels.com