5 Best Brands of Designer Sunglasses for Women

Vuliwear Sunglasses

Vuliwear is a unique brand of designer fashion accessories and clothing with an exclusive line of designer sunglasses for women that is constantly evolving. All of their plain (non-prescription) sunglasses are unisex and made with high-quality polarized lenses that reduce glare for better color, clarity, detail and provide UVA/UVB protection from the sun. They are brilliant! The Vuliwear® mission is to build a collection of distinctive clothing and fashion accessories that are quality, innovative, and creative. They call it “functional fashion” and want to be a part of your own personal style statement. Vuliwear sunglasses expose the hidden beauty and uniqueness that surround us every day by cleverly incorporating nature into fashion – what’s more fabulous than discovering something cool that’s been right in front of your eyes the entire time? What we love is that the lenses of these sunglasses have designs on them. This makes them completely unique and makes them look ultra classy. Yes, Vuliwear sunglasses challenge the norm by focusing on the lenses as opposed to the frame like most eyewear designers. While the frame is certainly important, what sets Vuliwear apart is their distinctive lenses and a twist on the classic aviator frame both made in Italy. That’s why so many people choose Vuliwear. Their exclusive lenses are inspired by the awesome colors and patterns of the eyes of insects. Their muse was not found in people, but instead the creepy-crawly world. Fashion and nature at its best! We particularly love the Zag Vuliwear Sunglasses with stylish squiggles on them that remind me of an African Savanna. Another favorite of mine is their Deuces Vuliwear Sunglasses with parallel turquoise lines on a purple-hued lens. Just a stunning combination of colors and so very stylish.


Gucci have it all, discover their vast collection of eyewear at GUCCI UK. Shop aviator glasses, cat-eye sunglasses, and more. My favorites are these stand-out Cat-eye acetate sunglasses. They look like they’re made of wood and are undoubtedly standout sunglasses although they may make you look a little crazy. Are they the best sunglasses for the summer? Only you can decide! They cost £370


I am such a fan of Prada ever since my husband came back from a business trip in LA with a gorgeous Prada handbag for me. I treasure it 10 years later and have loved this brand ever since. My pick of this season’s Prada sunglasses is topped by these oversized sunglasses which are described as having a glamorous contemporary allure. The round frame front is accented with exclusive enamel trim on the metal rims and of Prada lettering logo. They cost £300.


Ray-Ban has made iconic sunglasses since 1937 and it is perhaps best known for their Wayfarer and Aviator lines. Although they are perhaps a more mainstream and slightly obvious choice for your summer sunglasses, they are still excellent at producing stylish, funky shades that are worn by everyone from cultural icons to celebs. As well as their current collections you can also customize your own Ray-Bans on their website and create one-of-a-kind sunglasses just for you, not quite so mainstream after all. I actually have 3 pairs of Ray-Bans. One pair are metallic aviators, one pair are pink-hued pair of aviators. For the third pair, I have gone for something different and ordered them with prescription lenses. I love my pair of Jackie O sunglasses. They start at £176. They say: Set yourself apart with the distinct and flattering Jackie O sunglasses. These sunglasses modernize the iconic Cats frame shape with its soft upswept lines that flatter all face shapes. Ray-Ban Jackie O sunglasses are for women who want to turn heads and add a bold look to their style. Made out of nylon material, Jackie O RB4101 is durable and comfortable to wear. Offered in traditional frame colors, such as black and tortoise, you can match these sunglasses to your wardrobe with ease. This unique sunglass style comes in a variety of lens color options that are prescription-friendly and have a polarized option that makes crisp vision and total UV protection a fashion statement.


Now I don’t claim to be an adrenaline sports enthusiast that truly puts the strength and design of my sunglasses to the test, however, I am renowned for sitting and standing on my sunglasses at least once a season, so I know if my sunglasses can withstand extreme sports. This is just what Oakley sunglasses are designed for. Extreme sports. And their style should make you look stylish too. If you want to stand out, try their Custom Holbroo sunglasses the third drop in the collaboration with Sam Ross, the man behind A-COLD-WALL, these will take your street credibility up a notch.

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