5 Things to Eat to Be Healthier

Your health is the most important thing, which means you might want to make some changes in your life. One of those should be a goal to eat better. What you put into your body can determine your overall health and ensure that you fight against certain diseases such as cancer. Here are five things you should incorporate into your diet to be healthier.

Fruits and Vegetables

Fruits and vegetables contain plenty of essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients that keep your immune system strong. The recommended amount of fruits and veggies is five servings per day. While you should always incorporate veggies as part of your daily meals and servings of fruit as snacks throughout the day, you may want to go a step further and have at least one veggie day per week. Eating strictly vegetarian or even vegan for one or more days each week can help you to stay more energetic and sharp. It allows your body to be essentially cleansed.

One of the best things about eating fruits and veggies is that you have a huge variety from which to choose. If you don’t like a certain fruit or vegetable, there are many more options you can eat that you do like.


Collagen is an essential protein that is naturally produced by the human body. It allows your skin to remain youthful and supple and strengthens your bones, muscles, ligaments and tendons. In general, collagen allows your body parts to properly move and function. It is also something you can consume in your daily cup of coffee or in a refreshing, nourishing smoothie at breakfast. The best option, in that regard, is a vegan collagen that provides all the benefits with it being safe to consume for vegans and vegetarians alike. It can even help to boost weight loss if you need to lose a few pesky pounds in promoting a faster metabolism.


Mushrooms are extremely healthy and have plenty of benefits when you eat them regularly. They are rich in protein, fiber, selenium and vitamin B. The benefits you can enjoy include a boost to your immune system and preventing damage to the cells and tissues of the body. Some types of mushrooms are even believed to have properties that can help protect you against certain types of cancers. There is also some evidence that they may benefit individuals with certain types of neurologically degenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s.

You can incorporate mushrooms into your omelet at breakfast or in your favorite pasta or rice dish for lunch and dinner.

Kombucha, Kimchee and Other Pickled Foods

Kombucha, kimchee and other pickled foods offer necessary health benefits as well. They can aid in weight loss, boost your immune system and help individuals who have certain medical conditions. In particular, it’s believed that the good bacteria found in these foods can help those with irritable bowel syndrome or IBS, cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes. It may even help people with mental health conditions.

Natural Sugar

Natural sugars are best and should replace refined sugar in your daily diet. Refined sugar and sugar substitutes can adversely affect your health and may cause weight gain, prematurely aged skin and even certain diseases like cancer. You can get natural sugar from fruit and be healthier and feel better overall.

These things are essential in your weekly and even daily diet. You will notice that you look and feel healthier for consuming them.

Image by Deborah Breen Whiting from Pixabay 

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