5 Useful Tips for Selling Your Car

Have you decided to sell your car? To a professional or a private person? And what is a good price for your car? With these handy tips you will undoubtedly do a good thing!

1. Selling to a professional or private person?

Should it go quickly and without worries? Then it is best to sell to a professional, especially if you are going to deal with non running cars for sale. Do you prefer the best price and are you prepared to take care of all the formalities yourself? Then go for a private person.

The advantages of selling to a private individual

+ This way will bring you the most money: on average 15 to 20% extra
– You must arrange everything yourself (advertisements, vehicle inspection, …)

2. Where to sell?

– Specialized websites: the most used channel. Placing an ad is usually free.

– Advertisements in specialized newspapers: these are expensive and you can only use a very limited number of words. Not optimal!
– Word of mouth: why not? Post your ad on your Facebook page, Facebook Marketplace or blog. Who knows, someone from your family or circle of friends is interested?
– Second-hand markets: these markets are often organized on Sundays in car parks of department stores. Professionals looking for good deals also come here. Be careful with scammers and touts. So only go to such a market if you have experience with it and if you have real negotiating talent.

3. How do you determine the selling price?

The value of your vehicle depends on a whole range of objective elements: mileage, make, model, engine capacity, year of entry into service, engine type, fuel, power and options. There are also a number of more subjective elements. In other words: what condition is the car in? Are you the first owner or not? Has the vehicle been damaged in an accident?

– View the current value of your car on various specialized websites. Compare the results.
– Compare: read ads in the newspapers and on the Internet to find out what price is being charged on the market for a similar model.
– Request an estimate from different garages.
– Request a thorough inspection at a quick service center and indicate that you wish to sell your car. Also ask for a quote for possible repairs. Only replace what is strictly necessary and an added value for your car. Or leave the repairs to the buyer, but then you may have to be satisfied with a lower price. With a quotation in your pocket, you will in any case know where you still have margin.

4. Pay attention to the details

– Clean the car completely.
– Replace worn carpets and anything that is broken.
 – Check the level of the engine fluids.
– Have a nice advertisement (a good photo can work wonders).
– Mention all assets (first owner, low mileage, etc.) …
… .. but don’t forget! If there are any faults, mention them too (such as a car radio that no longer works). Are there any hidden defects? Then the buyer has the right to sue you and request a refund.

5. Appointment with the buyer

Obviously, the buyer wants to take a thorough look at the car and take a test drive on the road. That is the most normal thing in the world. So plan enough time for each appointment.

> Where to meet? Do not try to meet at your home. You never know who will show up! If possible, try not to be alone.

> It is not easy to let a stranger get behind the wheel of your car. Stay calm but take some precautions before you test drive:

1. First sit in the passenger seat yourself and only then hand over the key.
2. After the test drive, stop the engine and take the key back before getting out.
3. Never leave the potential buyer alone with the key to your car.
4. Never let someone take a test ride without you being there.

We hope these tips will be useful.

Image by MichaelGaida from Pixabay 

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