5 Vehicles and What They Say About a Woman’s Lifestyle

Women can say a lot about themselves with their lifestyle choices. For instance, you can tell a stranger about yourself by how you dress, how you cut your hair, how much or little makeup you wear, etc. 

You can proclaim that you’re casual and don’t care who knows it by going to the store in your pajamas. Alternatively, you can dress like you’re going to the ball every time you leave the house if you need to feel like a queen in your everyday life.

In this article, we’ll talk about some different vehicles that women can drive and what each one says about you. A vehicle can covey a lot of information to the world before you ever open your mouth.

A Motorcycle

Getting a motorcycle and riding it everywhere makes a bold statement. Maybe you get yourself a Harley Davidson and spend your days cruising along Florida’s I-275, soaking up the sun. Tampa has the fourth-highest Florida accident rate, so watch yourself if you make this your lifestyle.

A motorcycle tells the world that you’re a bit daring and adventurous. You can show that you know how to party and take risks in life when you show up for a date on a big, loud motorcycle. This vehicle shows that you make your own way in the world, and you won’t let anyone push you around.

A Convertible Sports Car

Maybe you want to sink some money into a convertible sports car like a Porsche, a Jaguar, a Mercedes Benz, or a Lexus. Perhaps a BMW or a Mustang sounds better to you. You can even save a little money and go with something like a Chevy Camaro if you want that top-down option but don’t want to break the bank buying it.

Convertible sports cars show the world that you like to show off and attract attention. Like loud outfits and accessories, a sports car means all eyes will turn your way, whether you’re pulling into the driveway at home, making a grocery store run, or when you show up for work.

A sports car might not scream practicality, but why be sensible all the time? If you live in an area that gets lots of sun, you can cheer yourself up by taking a trip with the top down whenever you would like. Many women feel like cruising around and playing some music with the wind whipping past puts them in a better mood when they’re feeling down.

A Mom Van

You probably know the “mom van.” Maybe you get something like a Toyota Sienna, a Honda Odyssey, or a Kia Sedona. These wagons take up some space on the road, and they are more about sensible driving than style.

If you own one, you probably have kids, and you can emphasize that by slapping some bumper stickers on your mom van that talk about your honor student. Maybe you stick on some saucy stickers that tell the world about your political views.

Having a mom van probably means you put your family first. Maybe this choice fits your lifestyle right now. You can pull into the Chucky Cheese parking lot in your van, and the whole family can pile out. You might also pick up a bunch of relatives at the airport when they come to visit for the holidays.


An SUV like a Kia Telluride, a Hyundai Palisade, or a Ford Explorer tells the world that you like going off-roading sometimes and getting out in nature. You can take a vehicle like this up into the mountains if you live in California or the Pacific Northwest. A vehicle like this will serve you well if you live in Oregon or a similar state.

If you drive an SUV in the city, that says you are the kind of woman who probably hikes on the weekend or runs marathons. You’re probably physically fit and challenge yourself a lot. You like taking control, and you’re seldom uncertain about anything.

An SUV comes with a ton of space, but they usually pack more power than the traditional van. You can load up an SUV with groceries at the store if you visit Sam’s Club or Costco. You might also fit in a bunch of camping equipment and hit the highway for a family road trip.


An RV is not a practical vehicle for everyday use, but if you own one, that means you like traveling around the country. A woman who owns an RV might like seeing the sights. You do not see a lot of younger people with these vehicles, so maybe when you retire, this choice might appeal to you.

You can leave it on your driveway if you want it as a backup vehicle. Maybe you have something more fuel-efficient that you can drive most of the time, and you only use the RV for certain occasions.

However, some people who don’t want to buy homes outfit their RVs and live in them. You can live the nomadic lifestyle in an RV if you like. 

If you work remotely, all you need is a Wi-Fi hotspot, and you can turn your RV into a home office as well as your primary residence. More young people do that these days, and you might look into it if you have wanderlust and want to see a lot of the country.

Choosing a vehicle tells the world a lot about your self-perception, so keep that in mind if you’re getting a new one soon. Just like clothing, your hairstyle, the jewelry you choose to wear, visible tattoos, etc., your vehicle indicates what you value most.

Something sensible might appeal to you, or you might want something fun but impractical. If you’re going to make some life changes, trading in your vehicle for something else might work wonders for you. You can feel like an entirely new woman whenever you get behind the wheel.  

Photo by demaerre on iStock by Getty Images