7 Decorating Ideas for Your Small Apartment

Oftentimes, choosing small apartments has nothing to do with a low budget. Millennials actually prefer to buy or rent a little home because of the comfortable, simpler living they get from it. In turn, they’ll end up avoiding exorbitant housing prices, which isn’t a bad choice at all.

A small apartment doesn’t have to be bland and confined, though. There are a lot of décor ideas that turn a tiny ambient into a more inviting space, and even a bigger one. In case you have to buy extra furniture to make some of the following techniques work, don’t worry–just make sure to shop for home insurance so your belongings stay safe. You can easily find home and contents insurance with iSelect.

Without further ado, here are a few decorating tips anyone can incorporate.

Make The Existing Space Look Bigger

Being smaller isn’t the same as looking smaller. In fact, small apartments can greatly benefit from lighter splashes of color, which create the illusion of a more open and elongated room depending on where the colors are placed. For instance, painting a hallway with dark colors will make it look narrow and even claustrophobic. Thereby, choosing white walls over any other color will be your best move.

Go Multifunctional

When you have so little room to place everything you need, furniture that performs more than one function will not only save space but save you money as well. See the following examples:

  • Large dining tables can be too much for a tiny living room. Choose extendable dining tables instead, and only go big when you have guests.
  • Don’t feel like purchasing a whole shelf to place your adornments or picture frames? You don’t need to. Floor lamps with shelves will do a great job of beautifully showcasing your belongings while lighting up the room.
  • A coffee table with seating that fits perfectly underneath it, small dressers with multiple drawers, retractable beds…there are just so many space-saving ideas to choose from!

Multifunctional furniture is the way to go when you need less clutter (and who doesn’t?), additional storage space, and style at the same time.

Get Creative With Curtains

It’s time to ditch the boring blinds and get yourself some nice curtains. They’re a great accent to any room, and in the case of a smaller place, floor to ceiling curtains are even better. Why? Because they’ll make your room look higher and more sophisticated if illusory added space alone isn’t enough for you. Try it for yourself.

Grace Some Areas With A Pop Of Color

Too much white space can make rooms look washed-out. Why not put some color in there?

If your sofa cover is patterned, throw a few solid-colored pillows on it. If your sofa is a solid color, prefer colorful and patterned pillows. A colorful rug, an abstract painting, and even colorful kitchen utensils from an outlet sale are great ways to color a room. You can even paint one wall a different yet light color if you’d like.

Light It All Up

From table lamps to pendant lights, brightening up rooms with different kinds of lighting creates a refreshing ambiance at night. During the day, letting the sun in “opens up” the room. It’s all about strategic mixes of lighting.

Become A Plant Parent

Plants are both decorative pieces and a lifestyle. Besides adding a bit of vivid greenery to your home, some plants are low-maintenance and won’t take much of your time or your limited square-footage.

Add Some Reflection

Depending on where you place a mirror, it can increase the results of previous topics by giving the impression of a larger or lit-up room. Again, hanging a mirror strategically helps create balance and enhance the best features of an ambient.

See? Making your space feel welcoming doesn’t necessarily require an interior designer’s hand. By switching up and adding a few items in the right places, you can save up and enjoy a larger, brighter-looking small apartment.

Image | Pixabay

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