How to Apply Eyelash Extensions with Perfect Precision

Whether you are a professional in the making or someone who wants to learn how to applytheir own eyelash extensions with only the help of a mirror, there are rules to the process that areapplicable to everyone. Get these rules wrong and you will probably end up catching the attention of everyone around you for all the wrong reasons! The good news is that by the time you are done reading this, you will at least have a basic idea of how to go about it, without making too many mistakes along the way.

Put on Gel Pads Under the Eyes

You will need gel pads or under-eye stickers because you don’t want the lower and upper eyelashesto stick together on applying the adhesive. Place one below each eye, over the lower eyelashes. Make sure that the pads are not at a distance greater than a few millimeters from the (lower) lash line and also ensure that there are no gaps.

Choose the Right Extensions

While choosing extensions, there are a number of points to keep in mind and the most important of them all is to find professional eyelash extension supplies from a well-recognized source. There’s no point in putting in lots of effort towards applying a product that is substandard, tobegin with. While ordering your supplies, keep in mind that you will need to work with three or more different lengths between 3mm to 14mm. You can visit Paris Lash Academy to get some classic and volume eyelash extension.

Importance of the 8mm Lash Extensions

Unless you are using the 8mm extensions all through the lash line to create that thick look, your longer extensions will look thin, artificial, and weird. In fact, you will need to apply8mm lash extensions in the inner corners as well.

Natural Vs. Dramatic

This depends entirely on the occasion or the kind of look you prefer for yourself, but know that you will need curly, 0.25mm thick lash extensionsif you are willing to add a bit of deliberate exaggeration and drama to your look for the evening. On the other hand, those that prefer the natural look more will need thinner lash extensions. It is best to have both types available at your disposal.

The Preparation

First, put out all the lashes that you will need for the evening on a white pad and then pick them up one at a time with the straight tweezer. Ensure that the extension is always held at a roughly 90-degree angle with the tweezer and you are holding it at the comparatively thinner end. Dip the other end into the adhesive to cover the base and shake away any dripping or excess glue carefully.

The Application

Each time, hold out a natural lash with your curved tweezers and apply adhesive on it from base to end with the help of the previously dipped lash extension that you are holding in your other hand with the straight tweezers. Once the glue is smoothed out, it is time to just set the extension on the natural lash, but make sure that there is about a millimeter gapbetween the extension and the eyelid. If the setting is right, move on to the next and let it dry. Continue this entire process as many times as necessary or until you cannot really find enough natural lashes to isolate with your curved tweezers.

Finishing Touches

The important thingto look for areeyelashesor extensions that have clumped together, and if it’s your first or second try, there will possibly be quite a few of those. Separate the clumps carefully with your tweezers until every lash and extension is detached from the other. Only pull them apart horizontally, never vertically, and keep in mind that you won’t be able to repeat this step after completely curing the adhesive.


Once all the lash extensions have been attached successfully and without clumps, let them dry for a while, before misting them with distilled water and drying again. Drying should not take more than three – five minutes each time, and you may add an extra misting-drying session to the process if you think that’s necessary to cure the adhesive properly. Remove the gel pads under your eyes once you are done and you are ready to go.

Anyone who follows these steps will be able to skip some of the learning curve, but there’s nothing that can replace practice and experience. You will still make some mistakes on your first few tries, but that’s okay. Just try out your eyelash extension applying skills a few times at home and you should get the hang of it. The more you practice on yourself and other people, the better you will get at this, but just don’t take on paying clients right away!

Photo: Pixabay

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