Baby, it’s Cold…Inside: 4 Signs You Need Heating System Repair

Are you concerned that your heating system is on its last legs? If you aren’t sure, then maybe it’s time to dig for a bit of information.

While no one wants to be in a situation where they need heating system repair, it’s best to seek these services before a complete breakdown occurs. By knowing the signs of a problem, you can avoid the need for emergency repairs.

Keep in mind, catching an issue early is going to result in much more affordable repairs than allowing the problem to cause a total breakdown. Keep reading to learn the top signs it is time to call a service provider like  Valley Comfort heating services  for repairs.

1 – Strange Noises Coming from the Vents or Cabinet

One of the most challenging parts of detecting a heating system problem is that you may ignore an issue if it isn’t “in your way.” In many cases, a strange, new sound coming from your heating system isn’t that big of a bother. This is especially true if you don’t spend time near the unit itself.

However, this can actually be a sign of a serious problem. Buzzing sounds may indicate some type of electrical issues, while screeching may indicate a belt that is worn out, or that’s about to break completely. If you hear a bang or pop, it may be a more dangerous situation – indicating damage to the unit’s heat exchanger.

2 – You’re Having to Spend More and More to Heat Your Home

It should not be that big of a surprise that your heating costs are going to go up a bit when the weather becomes cooler outside. This is a sign that your heater is going to be running for longer periods of time to keep the interior of your home comfortable.

However, if you have started to notice that you’re spending much more than what you did the same time last year, even when  implementing money saving activities, then there may be a more serious problem. In most cases, your unit is going to be running nonstop, rather than cycling on and off as it should properly. This is something that needs to be evaluated by a professional right away.

3 – It Never Seems to Be Warm Enough Inside

Does it seem like regardless of how high you turn the thermostat up, it isn’t warm enough in your home? If so, this is a serious issue. In most cases, this isn’t going to be an issue that has anything to do with the thermostat.

In most cases, this is an indication that your heating system needs to be replaced – sooner not later. It’s a good idea to call a technician to provide a thorough evaluation to know what your best course of action is.

4 – Sporadic or Brief Cycling

This is actually referred to as “short cycling.” If your unit is short cycling, it isn’t going to run for a period of time that is long enough to complete a heat cycle. Even worse, it will be using more energy each time it has to turn on and off.

Call for Heating Repairs to Avoid Serious Costs and Problems

Now that you know the signs that it is time to call for heating system repair, don’t wait if you suspect a problem. As time passes, the issue is only going to get worse and cause you more problems while costing you more to repair in the long run. Be sure to have your unit inspected, regularly as well, as the pros can find issues before they have a chance to get worse. 

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