The Best Coffee Shops in New York

Whether you call New York City your home, you visit frequently on business, or you’re planning to visit for the first time, the thriving coffee scene is not to be overlooked while you’re there.

Don’t be deceived by the Starbucks lurking on every (seriously, every) corner. The city is overflowing with brilliant, unique cafes that either reflect the NYC we know and love, or the unique creator or culture behind it.

There are literally hundreds of coffee spots to choose from, so we’re going to focus on introducing you to cafes that truly introduce a spin unlike any other, whether by blending cultures in a fresh way, or having their own quirky vibe.

So, without further ado, here are our top 5 coffee shops you must visit while in NYC:


The Hi-Collar café has earned its way onto nearly every NYC café and dining list. Built around the flirtation Japan has with the West, this West-inspired Japanese shop is coffee café by day and a sake bar by night.

Though a small shop, seating only about ten people at a time, the experience you get at Hi-Collar is not a hole-in-the-wall experience. Far from it – you will leave feeling like you were just a part of an elite and exclusive club.

They specialize in siphon coffee, but each guest is invited to first choose their own bean and then their brewing method, so every cup is brewed fresh to order to each customer’s particular taste.
Stay late and enjoy some sake and Japanese cuisine and seamlessly transition from your work-day into your evening while enjoying a unique combination of Japanese and Western culture. 

Coffee Project 

If you truly adore coffee and also enjoy the bar scene, or if you just like learning all that goes into a specific drink, Coffee Project’s novel spin on coffee drinks is just the thing for you.

When you order your latte at Coffee Project, be prepared to get it delivered on a tray and in many glasses – probably wine glasses, champagne flutes and perhaps a whiskey glass.

See, at Coffee Project, they serve deconstructed coffee. The incredibly knowledgeable baristas will explain every element of your deconstructed drink of choice and how they come together to create a unique flavor and experience. Think of it as drinking coffee with a mixology master for coffee.

You won’t get your classic cup of joe here, but you will get a fun education and spin on it, and some seriously tasty drinks as well. 


If you fancy yourself a coffee connoisseur and want to savor a rich, flawless brew, then Devocion is a must. Brewed purely from carefully sourced and chosen Columbian beans that were delivered literally days before they created your cup of coffee, Devocion’s coffee is considered one of the best, possibly the best, in all of Brooklyn (which is saying something, when you realize how many shops there are in Brooklyn).

Their coffee is so good, in fact, that they actually have their own coffee subscription service, so if you also enjoy a cozy cup of joe in the comfort of your own home from your single cup coffee maker, you definitely need to investigate Devocion’s subscription and delivery service. They promise that their beans go from harvest to your door within 10 days – hard to believe you could get fresher coffee than that. 


Part café, part design studio, part trinket shop, this cozy and quirky spot is bound to please. Opened and run by home-sick, artsy Aussies, you can enjoy some very tasty coffee as well as unique Australian treats, like the Vegemite-and-cheese toastie.

They are especially famous for their flat whites and espresso, so be sure to grab one and take a sip while exploring the art and trinkets creatively displayed throughout the shop. 

Happy Bones NYC

 Another coffee shop with cultural flair, Happy Bones is a Kiwi-owned café in SoHo. One of the most famous coffee shops in the city, in part due to its incredibly photogenic nature and unique utensils (like their leopard print and tortoise shell spoons), they are famous for both their New Zealand espresso culture as well as their cozy shop with social art displays.

We did save the best for last, as Happy Bones truly is one of the most famous and beloved coffee shops in the city, and we can pretty much guarantee you won’t find a single review of NYC coffee spots without coming across Happy Bones listed as a must visit.

Why go for a regular cup of joe when there are so many ways to put a unique spin on it. Branch out a little and check out one (or all) of these NYC gems.

Photo: Pixaby

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