Can a Water Pillow Improve Your Sleep?

Having a hard choice selecting the perfect pillow for yourself?  Do you know that a water pillow can solve many of the problems an average sleeper faces? Yes, you read that right. A water pillow is not just a rectangular form filled with water;  the water is covered by an insulating layer to maintain an optimum temperature. To support your head and give it the perfect cushion, this pillow’s top layer is made from a combination of loft and fiber.

Many water pillows, like the Mediflow waterbase pillow, come with an option of an adjustable base that lets you set the pillow height according to your preference, making it highly customizable. Broadly, these pillows fall into two categories, namely cooling pillows and water pouch pillows. While cooling pillows are primarily designed to help you sleep cool, water pouch pillows are mostly used for medical purposes, to relieve shoulder and neck pain.

What sets a water pillow apart from a regular pillow is its ability to shape itself according to your head and stay that way throughout the night. While other pillows may lose their fluff in areas where pressure is applied and need constant readjustment, the water allows a water pillow to retain its balance, ensuring a good night’s sleep.

How Do Water Pillows Help In Sleeping Better?

Primarily, water pillows adjust their shape according to your neck and shoulders. By keeping your spine aligned in its natural position, it prevents you from waking up with sore muscles.

Secondly, these pillows are highly customizable, as they allow you to set the water level according to your suitability. There is no one size fits all approach for these pillows, as you can easily set the firmness level of your choice by adjusting the water level. The water pillow shapes itself according to your body contours and lets you sleep comfortably without putting strain on your shoulders and tail bone.

Lastly, these pillows are ideal for sleeping cool.  A cooling water pillow is composed of a foam layer saturated with water, that helps in dissipating heat and maintaining a cool temperature throughout the night. This makes it the perfect option for those who experience night sweats and hot flashes.

The water pillow is also hypoallergenic, giving it an edge over conventional down and feather pillows, which attract dust mites and cause irritation. There is an added benefit of preventing premature aging and wrinkles, since the pillow conforms to your.  Whether you sleep on your side or your back, the pillow conforms to your specific body structure and lets you enjoy a restorative sleep. No more waking up during the night to fluff the pillow stuffing back into its place.

Although water pillows do require some small maintenance, they don’t need to be changed often as you don’t have to deal with firmness and flatness issues. Research suggests that water pillows are perfect for individuals suffering from back and neck pain. Instead of having to adjust yourself according to the pillow, the pillow adjusts itself  to you, minimizing the chances of waking up to a stiff neck.

Should You Buy?

Selecting the right pillow is a very personal decision. Sure, a water pillow provides you with maximum comfort and support, but they are comparatively heavy.  And since they are highly customizable, they are priced as premium products. While the benefits of a water pillow are numerous, there is no better way of telling than trying it out for yourself.

Photo: Pixaby