Ditch Movie Night for Some Live Entertainment This Weekend

Don’t get me wrong. I love going to the movies. I find the art of telling a story in this way an incredibly clever thing to do. It’s a one-way street. The audience can’t participate. The actors can’t respond to the audience reactions. It needs to be a one-size-fits-all approach. But that is exactly what is wrong with it. You can switch off. Nobody has to work any harder to engage you again because nobody on the screen cares.

Live entertainment is a far more thrilling concept for me, especially after four weeks of movie nights! No performance is ever the same twice. And you can’t repeat it unless you pay for tickets again. I love sitting on the edge of my seat and caring about what happens to the characters up there. I like watching the craftsmanship of the performers. So what are the options for live entertainment?


Not all classical music like opera, symphonies, or orchestral music suits my tastes. But you still have to admire the skill of the performers. They’ve trained tirelessly for their whole lives to be that good. And when musicians work together in perfect harmony like that, you know you’re watching something special. Some people have a night out at the opera on their bucket list, and it’s easy to understand why.

Rock Concert

This kind of music is popular, and seeing your favorite group performing live is certainly something that will stay with you forever. Concerts these days are far more theatrical. There are lights, video screens, huge stadiums of people, and dancers. A lot of time and effort goes into the production, and the concert is all about showmanship. There are energy and passion, and it’s a fabulous night out.

rock concertCabaret

Cabaret acts are rare to find in the big theater halls these days. Musical theater is more popular, but both offer the audience spectacle and delight. Some are full of comedy while others touch upon much darker topics. You can find acts like this at the Blackpool shows and along the Strip in Vegas. Music and dance acts have been popular for decades, but fewer of them are mainstream now. Still, it’s definitely worth ditching movie night for!


Plays have dominated the world of entertainment for thousands of years. Like a movie, it’s a structured way of telling a story. But the play is performed live in the theater. The actors have the opportunity to refine their performance based on the audience feedback. I love watching a play and being part of that experience. It feels more real, and I feel engaged with the story and characters more than if I was watching a movie.

It’s true that streaming or renting a movie at home is the cheaper option. You can just lay back on the sofa with a box of pizza and chill out. But there is something wonderful about dressing up a little and enjoying a night out at the theater or at a show. And who wouldn’t love to really dress up for a night at the opera or the symphony in those glamorous dresses? Maybe it’s not for every weekend. But why not ditch movie night once or twice for something more real?

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